Nigel Farage: Mr. Biden is 'completely denying' Antifa and the radical left wing

Nigel Farage: Mr. Biden is ‘completely denying’ Antifa and the radical left wing

Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) Nigel Farage accuse Joe Biden of “completely denying” the violence caused by leftist movements such as the Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

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The Brexit leader said Biden’s call for reunification would be meaningless if he did not acknowledge the violence that the left has inflicted on America in the past year and does not face the problem.

Mr. Farage said “Joe Biden completely denied about Antifa”At the same time, reiterating Mr. Biden’s statement during the presidential debate that Antifa is only a “ideal“.

Mr. Farage warned: “He’d better quickly stop that denial…. The Capitol Chaos is just a very bad example compared to the dozens of incidents caused by Antifa and others. “

President Trump’s longtime ally says Mr. Biden must “Hurdles” and condemns violence and “thug behavior ” of extremists, then Trump’s supporters can listen to what he has to say.

“I’m not sure if that can happen, but if you want to unite the United States, you need an just president, not someone who condemns a certain group of society, while refusing to oppose the United States. confronted with the fact that there is a dangerous organization called the Antifa. “

The Brexit leader also urged Democrats and Mr. Biden to pause their plans to impeach President Trump after leaving office, focusing on calling for their national unity.

Nigel Farage also said that what he saw most during the Antifa riots in Portland on the day of his inauguration, when rebels attacked the Democratic Party headquarters in the city – was a banner that read: “We don’t want Biden! We want revenge! “

“It’s a very dangerous crowd of the leftists,” Mr. Farage also expressed concern when President Trump left office, because of them “There is a Democratic president right now who thinks they are going to be weak, and that they can push him around.”

These protests are under the pretext of protesting against violent police, but Antifa itself often turns the demonstrations into acts of destruction, fatal violence, looting and destruction of property of businesses and main buildings. covered. In Seattle on Monday, Antifa protest groups vandalized property while carrying banners with content “No police, no prisons, borders, or the president.”

More recently, Sunday night (January 24) violence broke out during an anti-police protest organized by Antifa in Tacoma, Washington, and there was no sign of remission any time soon.

“Time for Democrats and Mr. Joe Biden to name them, otherwise forget about unity. Remember that slogan: ‘We don’t want Biden, we want revenge’, it’s very dangerous and needs to be stopped, ” concluded Mr. Farage.

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