NieR Replicant – Unboxing photos from the collector’s edition

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139, the NieR Gestalt remaster released on April 23, 2010, will be available from us tomorrow, April 23, 2021, and luck helping, we were pleased to receive our copy of the White Snow Edition, in other words the collector of the game. Unfortunately, it is for the moment impossible to obtain this edition on the Square Enix store, the product being awaiting restocking, but as often with them, it is a safe bet that the D-day, you can order again, while new stocks are exhausted.

Before moving on to the photos, so you can contemplate what awaits you in this collector’s edition of NieR Replicant, we will quickly come back to the content in terms of quality, because as you will see, overall, we are at the top of the basket of collector’s editions in this price range: 159 euros.

  • The game and its steelbook : Nothing to say, the base game has a reversible cover whose illustration is already superb, but concerning the steelbook, we are on one of the most beautiful steelbooks that we have had the pleasure of seeing, even if it doesn’t ‘still does not reach the divine beauty of that of Odin Sphere: Leifthdrasir.
  • All scripts : This is all of the dialogs of the main characters in the game, a must-have for fans of the game, but the scripts being in English, they will naturally lose some interest for the less English speakers. ‘between you. The print and binding quality is really good, not to mention the case which should easily find its place on one of your shelves.
  • Grimoire badges : A set of three badges with the effigy of the different grimoires of the game, served in a very beautiful case once again, as beautiful as the script case. As for the manufacturing quality of the badges, they are well detailed, do not make absolutely “plastic” and you will feel it all the more when you take them in hand.
  • The soundtrack on two CDs : For OST lovers that we are, this element was eagerly awaited, and as we are very fond of it, we are also more demanding on this point, and we will not hide a small disappointment all the same. On two CDs, you will find twenty tracks, which is twenty-five less than the OST available separately. So, we don’t yet know how different the versions are, and we still hope that on the tracks included in the Collector’s Edition, we have at least a few exclusive tracks that we won’t find in the OST at go. While waiting to find out, we will console ourselves with the magnificent box in which the CDs are stored, a box containing the visual of the Weiss0 grimoire


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