NieR Replicant delivers 10 new minutes of gameplay

The last big chunk of gameplay from NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139 …, which we’ll dodge the following numbers to make you more comfortable, now dates back to last December, and according to the CM of the game’s Facebook page, there were a lot of you wanting to find out more. In response, it’s almost 10 new minutes of gameplay that have just been unveiled, which should satisfy the greatest number, awaiting the release next April.

The gameplay sequence you are going to watch will be for you a good opportunity to rediscover the scenery of the land of sands, since the entire video takes place there. We could see at first glance that of course the game looked quite different than in our memories of the PS3 era, which also allows us to see much better certain details that were once drowned in a mush between pixels and aliasing .

If the decorations will not fail to make their small effect to the fan of the first hour that you may be, it is also here the gameplay that is put forward with a whole passage in the Forgotten Temple, which we remind you of it. , mixed combat and reflection to end up with a tasty mixture, which however lacked fluidity to be perfectly appreciated in 2010. Even if it was ultimately a time when we also did much less difficult despite everything.

In this new version that is NieR Replicant, we end up with much more dynamic gameplay coupled with much more striking effects than at the time, and we find this very Automata feeling just to watch the character move. Side fluidity, nothing to complain about in the sequence shown, hoping that the framerate remains stable at 60 fps from the beginning to the end of the adventure, all the more by backward compatibility on PS5 and Xbox Series.

NieR Replicant So continue to kindly watch us, fans of the original opus, but will this facelift be able to satisfy the new Automata players, that’s another story, of which we should have a start response when the release on April 23, 2021.


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