Ni Ni's Spring Festival Gala coat is on hot search again. Seeing the price, I can't afford it. Netizens: Excuse me

Ni Ni’s Spring Festival Gala coat is on hot search again. Seeing the price, I can’t afford it. Netizens: Excuse me

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Record the fun of wearing and matching, share matching skills, I am a three-point clever match~~!

I don’t know, have you seen #春晚# on New Year’s Eve? It gives me the feeling that the show is getting more and more intolerable, and there are more and more things to watch outside of the show. For example, the performance of so-and-so is so-so, so-and-so whose pronunciation is inaccurate, but my concern is who and who is really good-looking.

For example, Zhang Xiaofei’s legs and Ni Ni’s coat successfully attracted everyone’s attention, but their programs were ignored.

Among them, Ni Ni’s performance in the Spring Festival Gala was surprising. Regardless of the show itself, she was remembered once she showed her face to the people of the whole country. The tall body is comparable to a supermodel, and the cold temperament is amazing. Even her coat on her body has been successfully searched, and the topic has been discussed nearly 20,000 times, which is full of rewards.

So, today we are going to talk about how Ni Ni’s coat wears, why it resonates so much.

First of all, the details of this coat have also been dug out by everyone. The coat from GUCCI, the price is as high as 26,700 yuan. At the price, many people say that they can’t afford the series. Some people ridiculed that this coat cost me one month’s salary, but more friends said: Excuse me.

In fact, the reason why Ni Ni’s coat resonates so much is not its brand or price, but because it solves the pain point of some girls who don’t want to wear red during the Spring Festival.

Indeed, red, which represents the festive season, has become the exclusive color for the Spring Festival, but for girls who don’t like red by nature, it is too difficult for their mothers to wear them for the occasion without making their mothers feel that they are too detached.

Therefore, Ni Ni uses advanced elements to weaken the vitality of red, which points to us the idea of ​​wearing for the Spring Festival. The simple and basic warm white will not look too plain, the collar of the classic lapel is elegant and elegant, and the black hair and high heels echo each other, adding a sense of fashion. The decoration of a rainbow silk scarf adds a bit of liveliness and playfulness to Ni Ni, who was a little cold and arrogant, but it will definitely not make people feel offended.

At this time, whether you wear a red dress, a red knit sweater, or even a vibrant red skirt, you can wear an overly lively red with a high-level aura. If you are also a woman who is not good at driving red, you can try to match it with a sense of luxury, so that you can create a look that is both high-quality and full of festive feeling for the Spring Festival.

Too strong red can meet the Spring Festival atmosphere, but at the same time, it comes with too lively attributes, which also means that it is not easy to wear. Putting aside the collocation of the clothes itself, using it on the accessories can also help you create a look suitable for the Spring Festival. At this time, the style of clothes collocation I first recommend the gentle collocation, because the gentle collocation itself has a high degree of tolerance and does not give people a very unobtrusive feeling.

Among our common accessories, bags, hats and shoes are definitely the most suitable style for choosing red. Especially the matching of shoes, it can increase your sense of hierarchy and eye-catching index. And choose to match the red bag, it can help you improve the sense of texture and high-level. The matching of the red hat needs to be made according to the version, like a red baseball hat young and energetic. The big red sun hat, it is elegant and can highlight the sense of luxury.

However, everyone should know that the vibrant and festive red is not suitable for all women. For example, Jia Ling’s appearance in the spring evening has also become a negative teaching material. Jia Ling, who was originally very fat, put on a big red knitted sweater to reveal her figure. Coupled with the slim design, it seems that the whole person is very stout and lacks beauty. Therefore, girls who are too fat are not suitable for wearing such festive red.

We have always said that there is no absolute rule to wear. It is a choice. Choose the version and color that suits you, and use clothes to present your most beautiful side to everyone, while being able to hide your imperfect side. This is a successful look.

In short, my focus on this Spring Festival Gala was all on the stars’ good-looking clothes, but ignored their performances. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why everyone feels that the Spring Festival Gala is getting more and more boring, but in my opinion, to be able to see so many beautiful models and stars, I think this year is a good time, how about you?


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