NHS in the UK: The gold out of the box mechanism induces children to gamble, which is strictly prohibited!

的 The controversy over the unboxing mechanism of video games is continuing. Recently, Claire Murdoch, the mental health director of the British medical service system, published a report that said that the unpacking mechanism will induce children to participate in hidden gambling activities.

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“To be honest, no company should use the out-of-box gambling mechanism to attract children’s addiction … Yes, this sale should end.” At present, the game out of the box is not managed by the British Gambling Association, because its content has no direct price, but Reports point out that there are serious loopholes: Many third-party websites sell accounts containing rare items on eBay and other places.

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DMurdoch called on game publishers to ban games that encourage children to gamble out of the box, and should set spending limits, and should clearly show the out of box rate; At the same time, parents should try to increase parents’ awareness of the risk of in-game gold.

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The report also pointed out that many children secretly spend money without their parents’ knowledge, such as a child who spent £ 2,000 in a basketball game and a child who spent £ 1,000 in a shooting game. It seems that such things happen at home and abroad.

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