[Nhìn Lại] On hand, quick assessment Vsmart Aris Pro: Camera phone hidden under the first screen in Vietnam

[Nhìn Lại] On hand, quick assessment Vsmart Aris Pro: Camera phone hidden under the first screen in Vietnam

In 2020, VinSmart officially launched a camera phone hidden under the screen called Vsmart Aris Pro. Join me in Vsmart Aris Pro’s hand to see the technology level of Vietnam that we do not fit.

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Vsmart Aris Pro affirms Vietnam’s scientific and technical level to the world

It can be said that from the time “teased” to the time of its launch, Aris Pro has attracted many technology users about a camera phone hidden under the screen. With Aris Pro, this phone has helped VinSmart become one of the first in the world to successfully apply hidden camera technology under the screen and completely affirm its ability to master pioneering technology. world class.

Unbox Aris Pro
A pink lotus box by Aris Pro. Source: VinSmart.

Just as simple as many other products, Aris Pro’s box is compact and has a very prominent lotus-pink color, which is also the color of the lotus flower – Vietnam’s national spirit flower.

Inside the box we will have turn Aris Pro phone, USB-C cable, QuickCharge 3.0 18W fast charger and a headset.

Unbox Aris Pro
All Aris Pro accessories. Source: VinSmart.

The camera hidden under the screen is a very difficult technology

In the tech world, launching first doesn’t mean the best. We’ve seen in the tech world introduce flexible screens, then foldable screens, and eventually the most successful performer is Samsung. The same goes for the camera hidden below the screen. Although the Vsmart Aris Pro will be released later, the technology cannot be far behind.

On hand Aris Pro
Camera hidden under the screen is a very difficult technology, but difficult that Aris Pro still can do. Source: VinSmart.

As I said, the camera hidden under the screen is a very difficult technology, in addition to the screen having to display pixels, it also has to act as a transparent glass so that light easily passes through the camera. To overcome technological difficulties, VinSmart has cooperated with VinAI Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (under Vingroup) to develop AI technology to process VCam Kristal images exclusively for hidden cameras. screen.

On hand Aris Pro
The camera hidden under this screen of Aris Pro has a resolution of 20 MP and an aperture of f / 2.2. Source: VinSmart.

By incorporating AI algorithms and models in computer vision, computational photography, and special neural network architecture, the VCam Kristal application enables the elimination of image blur, missing, noise and flashes, color fidelity … create sharp selfies and at the same time completely improve the downsides of the camera hidden under the screen. VinSmart said that this AI algorithm will be continuously updated to improve the image quality on Aris Pro cameras throughout the product life cycle.

The design of Aris Pro looks complete with a screen that is almost 100% complete.

Because of using the camera hidden under the screen, Aris Pro has a full-screen design that is almost 100% covered, almost similar to smartphones using pop-up cameras like before. Aris Pro is equipped with a 6.39-inch AMOLED screen, Full HD + resolution and an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9.

Aris Pro
Aris Pro owns a large screen and a display area of ​​almost 100%. Source: VinSmart.

In terms of design, the Aris Pro is made of a metal frame, with curved rear edges, giving a comfortable grip. The back of this phone is made of glass material, featuring four camera clusters wrapped in a square frame, below is a dual flash and characteristic Vsmart logo.

Aris Pro
The back of Aris Pro is also very beautiful with emerald green color. Source: VinSmart.

A bit about the rear camera cluster on Aris Pro with the following parameters:

  • Main camera, 64 MP resolution, aperture f / 1.89, for night photography.
  • Wide angle camera, 8 MP resolution, f / 2.2 aperture.
  • Camera 2x zoom, 8 MP resolution, aperture f / 2.4
  • Macro camera, 2 MP resolution, f / 2.4 aperture.
camera aris pro
Close-up of the quad-camera cluster on Aris Pro. Source: VinSmart.

Aris Pro also owns the world’s leading quantum security technology

In addition to the breakthrough in camera technology hidden under the screen, Aris Pro also owns a quantum security chip Quantum QRNG from ID Quantique (Switzerland) and FIDO2 authentication key technology to ensure enhanced safety and security. for data, especially banking, financial and medical data.

Aris pro
Quantum security is a modern technology present on Aris Pro. Source: VinSmart.

In particular, the powerful authentication key package FIDO2 provided free to users for 3 years is the safest method of user authentication today, supporting all popular browsers and services such as Google, Apple. , Microsoft, Facebook. This is a priority agreement between VinSmart and VinCSS Cyber ​​Security Services Company Limited (under Vingroup).

In terms of configuration, Aris Pro uses Snapdragon 730 chip, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory, which can fully meet all of our needs today. Whether for casual or entertainment use, to photography and other data security activities, Aris Pro is a Vietnamese technological pioneer. Along with that, Aris Pro is also equipped with a 4,000 mAh capacity battery and 18W fast charger.

Aris pro
The configuration of Aris Pro can fully meet our daily usage needs. Source: VinSmart.

In addition, to ensure the health of users, especially during the Covid epidemic season, when you buy Vsmart Aris Series you will be given a screen protector that can reduce viral infection by up to 99, 97% (including Corrona virus). Products are certified by BioScience laboratory (USA), National University of Singapore (NUS) and NBC Meshtecz Japan. You get the option to install more Dr. apps. AidTM, this is the first AI software in Vietnam developed by VinBrain Company (Vingroup) to support the diagnosis of lung, heart and bone diseases based on X-rays (including Covid).


It can be said that our Vietnamese technologies have gained a lot of achievements and deserve to stand on par with the world. Aris Pro has been announced at a price that is extremely competitive with major phone carriers.

Aris pro
Are you ready to experience Aris Pro? Source: VinSmart.

What do you think about this top-notch Vietnamese phone? Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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Vsmart Aris Pro


6.39 “display, Snapdragon 730 chipRAM 8 GB, ROM 128 GBRear camera: Main 64 MP & Secondary 8 MP, 8 MP, 2 MPFront camera: 20 MPPin 4000 mAh, Battery 18 W

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TNHuu Tho Nguyen

Reviewing the hidden camera phone, you should take a close-up of the front camera area to see how it is hidden or still reveal a black array like ZTE, but you can only see the back cover so what do you review?
Reply (4) 7 months ago

MHMinh HoangAdministrators

Hello !
On my side, I would like to take note of all information and suggestions from you, thank you very much.
Information to you.
Reply 7 months ago
Nguyen Khoa

The worst quality review ever seen, just skimmed, not read. The most important thing is how the selfie camera produces images, and when you open the video, the image is bright, the high resolution is not to mention whether the camera is good or not. This is on the table, on the chair is acceptable
Reply (1) 7 months ago

MHMinh HoangAdministrators

Hello !
On my side, I would like to take note of all information and suggestions from you, thank you very much.
Information to you.
Reply 7 months ago
Td Quang

Pre-order is yellow and pink does not shop
Reply 7 months ago

LHLinh HanAdministrators

Currently, my side is only planning on dark green and gray, please help me.
Information to you.
Reply 7 months ago

It is still possible to hide below the screen of other companies, but the situation is not completely hidden, so other companies have not applied it yet.
Reply 7 months ago 📱
Anhtu Hoang

The whole picture is so dark about users, why don’t you let the eight white backgrounds show up and look like it is still hidden.
Reply 7 months ago 📱

MHMinh HoangAdministrators

Hello !
I do not know what problem you are facing.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Reply 7 months ago
NTDo Ngoc Tho

It is important that the hidden camera has a photo related to the front camera
Reply (3) 7 months ago 📱
Rewards Nguyen

Is there a red or silver version?
Reply 7 months ago

LHLinh HanAdministrators

Our products are expected to be Green and Dark Gray, please update the website regularly to receive the latest information.
Information to you.
Reply 7 months ago
TNThanh Nguyen

on hand the camera is hidden under the screen as well as not. I don’t see any pictures showing that
Reply (1) 7 months ago 📱
Dung Nguyen Van

support vingroup! Making phones will create many jobs for Vietnamese people, we just keep working as workers for foreign countries and buy their phones, they can sell their phones, make money living a rich life and we are still poor. At first, I felt very good at first!
Reply (3) 7 months ago

TDPhan Thanh Dai

@Dung Nguyen Van: It’s good to be like that.
Taking one’s own and then calling aya is one’s own is suffering
Reply (1) 7 months ago 📱

Hide but still see clearly. Deliberately taking pictures to watch youtube, the background is blackened, but still feel dull, it is annoying to use it like being haunted.
Reply (6) 7 months ago

DTDuong ThuanAdministrators

This is the general status of devices equipped with cameras under the screen
Information to you
Reply (2) 7 months ago
IFPhan Van Anh Khoa

@Khach: New technology is like that, buddy, and then slowly will develop, but how do you think it will be good if you just came out
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