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Ngoc Linh forest mountain through iPhone Xs Max lens

Last week, I had a trip to climb Ngoc Linh mountain with my friends. Throughout the trip I recorded the landscape of Ngoc Linh mountain forest with my iPhone Xs Max. Thanks to the simple manipulation, I hardly miss any beautiful moments.

This is the tracklog I climb up and down. The total distance is 20km, the actual height is ~ 1500 meters, the height of the peak is 2605 meters.

Please see the photo:

The points on the iPhone Xs Max that I appreciate when taking landscape photos are:

  • Manipulate force touch to open the camera even when the screen and hands are wet very convenient
  • HDR mode works effectively in most situations. Pictures taken right away, not much corrected
  • Extremely good Panorama mode, image connection is smooth. Sometimes, when shooting a wide area with a large difference, the image is slightly broken but still acceptable

Trần Hoàng Long.

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