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[Nghiên cứu] Energy drinks can have adverse effects on the heart and blood pressure

Energy drinks are being considered by many places to be tightly controlled because according to the latest study of the Pacific University recently published in the journal of the American Heart Association, the use of tonic water poses a risk. affects cardiovascular health, something that few people have ever been interested in.

In the study that was considered the largest ever so far about the effects and harms of tonic water, quite a lot of unstable problems of this drink have been seen. A trial of 34 people aged 18 to 40 showed that the elasticity of the heart after each beat was changed within at least 4 hours after drinking the water. Volunteers in the trial were given energy drinks and placebo for 3 days, immediately after each drink and every 30 minutes within 4 hours they were measured electrocardiogram and blood pressure to check Is there a problem with your heart examination? As a result, those who drink energy-boosting lower chambers of the heart initiate a rapid beating process, which ranges from 6 to 7.7 milliseconds compared to those taking placebo, a bad sign because it can disturb the rhythm. Heart, also, these people also have higher blood pressure readings than normal.

Many people will probably think of the effects of caffeine on the heart, and for that reason, the team used high energy drinks containing high levels of caffeine, at about 304 to 320 mg per 1 liter of water. . It is estimated that changes in heart rate occur only in those who consume 400mg or more of caffeine, but it turns out that with lower concentrations still causes heart problems. This led scientists to suspect that the effects on the heart have a source of attack from the combination of other ingredients in energy drinks that they did not know.

According to the head of the research group, Professor Sachin A Shah, there is a need for further investigations on the interaction between energy-intensive components to see why this phenomenon is present. In addition, people in the community need to know the negative impacts above to be more careful about using energy drinks, especially when they are having health problems. In the UK, there is a move to ban the sale of energy drinks to children under the age of 18, the outgoing prime minister Theresa May identifies countries such as Red Bull ah Red Bull and Monster need to be placed on this ban.

Do you worry about this case because I see brothers who have energy-boosting drinks when playing games and even go to the water shop occasionally, they can call cow cans to drink for … happy : D. I used to drink Sting in the past but I didn't like it very much, so I was less worried : D.


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