'Next time Russia should sink NATO ships without warning'

‘Next time Russia should sink NATO ships without warning’

“Moscow should inform NATO that in the event of a repeat of the June 23 incident with the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Defender off the coast of Crimea, Russia’s action will be much tougher.”

The above opinion was made on the YouTube channel “Nightingale LIVE” by the Israeli political scientist, former leader of the special unit “Nativ” – Mr. Jacob Kedmi.

This expert believes that although the Russian side could have reacted more gently to the mistakes, in the aforementioned case there was a planned provocation (the border was intentionally violated), because so the reaction must be different.

“It is necessary to warn the British military attache that the next time the ship will be destroyed without warning… We promise to provide all necessary assistance in rescuing the crew,” the Israeli expert said. explain.

'The Russian language has never been the name of NATO'
Israeli military expert – Mr. Jacob Kedmi

“Also, other countries of the Western military bloc may try to repeat this. So it is necessary to ensure that all NATO countries realize that dangerous actions can end in disaster. for them, so it’s impossible to intrude on Russia’s borders, even if they don’t realize it.”

“The Russian military needs to communicate with the West in an understandable language for a similar situation, namely that the next time the Russian Federation should sink a NATO warship without prior notice,” Kedmi stressed.

“We are warning you – this is not a formal warning, it is Russia’s first and last signal. An invasion of Russia’s territorial waters could end at the bottom of the sea,” the expert said. Israeli military experts offer advice.

Mr. Kedmi also emphasized that then the West even has to remind their children not to repeat this.

However, in the opposite direction, there are also many opinions that if the above action happens, it will mean war with NATO, so Russia must consider it a bit.

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