New York seized 1.7 million fake N95 masks, the suspect was arrested

New York seized 1.7 million fake N95 masks, the suspect was arrested

On February 11, prosecutor Melinda Katz of Queens County (New York City) announced that it had seized 1.7 million fake 3M N95 masks in Long Island City in Queens County, and arrested suspect Zhi Zeng (33). age) in the Dyker Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn County, New York. At present, there are also thousands of anti-epidemic devices with different designs, temporarily not yet determined to be real or fake.

Queens County Prosecutor Melinda Katz hands out a case of fake 3M masks. (Photo: Queens County Prosecutor’s Office)
Law enforcement officers arrived at the warehouse 5-06 at 51 Long Island City. (Photo: Queens County Prosecutor’s Office).
Law enforcement officers seized large quantities of fake 3M masks. (Photo: Queens County Prosecutor’s Office).

Prosecutor Melinda Katz said it had recently received information that it was suspected that the warehouse No. 5-06, Street 51 in Long Island, was selling fake masks. Investigators played the role of the buyer to buy multiple batches of masks on different days, each priced at $ 2.95 to $ 3.25. According to 3M data, the suggested retail price of N95 masks is $ 1.27. Finally, through 3M’s trademark ownership assessment, the masks purchased by investigators were counterfeit.

According to the allegations, Zhi Zeng was the director of the warehouse, investigators raided the warehouse on 51 Long Island Road said: “In this dusty and dirty warehouse, every barrel and barrel of 3M brand N95-1860 have been found as high as a mountain.” Meanwhile, Zhi Zeng was also present at the scene. This warehouse has 2 floors, each floor has an area of ​​about 168 square meters and has 3M boxes piled up.

Law enforcement group seized 1,788,340 masks. There are also thousands of other brand name personal protective equipment and hand sanitizers. In the warehouse, there are also sterile wipes, children’s masks, construction masks, and costumes. Queens County Prosecutors’ Office investigators have contacted various companies to determine whether the goods are real or fake.

Currently, the coroner has identified a medical treatment system in the south of the United States that has bought 200,000 masks from this warehouse, priced at more than 700,000 USD. Queens County prosecutors said it was contacting another law enforcement partner to see if there were any other health agencies tricked into buying these unsafe masks.

Currently, Zhi Zeng is charged with counterfeiting a tier 1 trademark (felony C) by selling 3M’s branded fake medical masks, and appeared at the Queens District Criminal Court on the morning of February 10. . The next trial will take place on April 27. If the crime is established, he faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Prosecutor Melinda Katz says more than 450,000 Americans have died from this dreadful pandemic. These fake masks were brought to the rescue workers “A false hope and sense of security”, the defendant is also preparing to sell many masks to people who agree to buy at high prices. “Masks are the life-saving devices of our professional medical staff who in this essential profession are risking their lives and their families’ lives every day to provide medical treatment. sacrifice for others. We have confiscated these counterfeits, these unsafe masks will not continue to be distributed to the public or medical personnel. “

Peter C. Fitzhugh, who is in charge of the New York Homeland Security Investigation (HSI), said that the arrests continued to arrest people who import and sell fake protective items, or those who raise the price of masks, “To make sure every mask we first respond to (wear a mask) is real”.

According to Tam Lien, Epoch Times

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