Medical staff moved patient Covid-19 to a hospital in Brooklyn, New York on January 27.  Photo: AFP.

New York counts less than 9,000 Covid-19 deaths

The New York government reported 8,600 deaths of Covid-19 in nursing homes, but this was only 50% of the actual data.

The above situation is stated in the 76-page report published by the Attorney General of New York Letitia James on January 28. James’s report is based on preliminary findings from an investigation that began in March of the abuse and neglect of residents in nursing homes, putting the lives of patients and staff at risk. dangerous.

The State of New York has reported about 8,600 Covid-19-related deaths in nursing homes since the beginning of the pandemic, but this is only half the actual number. The total number of Covid-19 deaths in New York has exceeded 40,000.

Governor Andrew Cuomo was accused of hiding the actual death toll in nursing homes across the state at the height of the epidemic last spring. New York only counts deaths in nursing homes, instead of counting cases transferred from nursing homes to hospitals. According to the report, most of the deaths occurred in the hospital.

Medical staff moved patient Covid-19 to a hospital in Brooklyn, New York on January 27. Image: AFP.

“Analysis of the preliminary data obtained from the Attorney General’s Office investigations of a number of nursing homes during a pandemic revealed that many people died of Covid-19 in hospital after being transferred from nursing home, “said the report.

A nursing home reported 11 deaths from Covid-19 until August 3 to the State Department of Health, but reported up to 40 deaths to the Attorney General’s Office. Another facility reported 7 deaths as of August 3, but reported to the Attorney General’s Office up to 31 cases.

James said her office is continuing an investigation, including a deeper evaluation of activity in more than 20 nursing homes, where the reported behavior “represents special concern”.

“As the pandemic and our investigations continue, we are compelled to understand why residents of New York nursing homes suffer unnecessarily bad conditions at an alarming rate like so, “James said in a statement. “We cannot bring back those who have lost, but this report strives to provide the transparency the public deserves and to push for action to protect the most vulnerable residents.”

In the US, only 6% of Covid-19 cases are associated with a long-term care facility, but these cases account for 39% of all deaths. In addition to the false statistics, the investigation also found that nursing homes lack adherence to disease control procedures, including not quarantining people who test positive or not even performing basic screening for staff, making the risk of infection even higher.

The report praised Governor Cuomo for his required testing in May for residents and nursing home staff. However, the report also pointed out that the Governor of New York was wrong in asking nursing homes to accept patients with Covid-19 in stable health. This move helps reduce overcrowding in hospitals, but increases the risk of infection in elderly care facilities.

Huyen Le (According to the Hill)


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