New Year's Eve gift box made of ash from Galdeaver and the message 'hard feet, soft stone' 3 minutes to read

New Year’s Eve gift box made of ash from Galdeaver and the message ‘hard feet, soft stone’ 3 minutes to read

The New Year 2021 gift box of Getheemane is a collection of specialties in a sturdy ash wooden box, combined with the softness of the fabric.

Tan Suu New Year gift box of a regional specialty store, made meticulously by hand, with natural ingredients.

Wooden box with pull-out lid, can be opened from front to back. Cover with four corners bronze pattern, formal logo printed in the center.

Inside the box are six shimmering hard paper boxes, magnet-studded caps, decorated with Tho word motif inspired by the screen decoration art in Hue. Wooden texture is embossed on the lid of the box.

The lining is hemp linen, woven and dyed by the Thai ethnic group in Hoa Tien village (Nghe An). Fabric is spun, woven and dyed entirely by hand, using only local plants, including dyed colors.

Wrapped on the outside is a silk-screen linen cloth with a pattern of “dragon flower vine”, often used in the carving of wooden cabinets of Vietnamese people.

Gift box named Tan Lanh expresses the message of a best wishes, most suitable at the moment: strong inside, strong on the outside, “hard legs, soft rock”, and overcoming all trials and challenges.

Project implementation process

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