New Year’s characteristics eat reunion dinner New Year fosters unity among ethnic groups-united daily

(Miri, 18 July) One of the most important characteristics of the Spring Festival is to get together for a reunion dinner. The New Year party is to cultivate the values ​​of unity and family loyalty. Nowadays Sand Hua has expanded to different races in Miri, which means that everyone is in the same family.
Li Tian, ​​Acting Chairman and Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Sarawak Chinese Association, delivered a speech at the “Spring Return Earth Warm Earth, Love Friends Celebrate Chinese New Year” Gala held last night, saying that 17 ethnic groups from Miri were invited to join the party This is the value of the Sarawak family, and everyone can sit down and celebrate together.
He felt honored to have the Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Datuk Abdullah Karin personally visit the event. He said that Sarawak’s lifestyle is not so inclusive of each other. Celebrating the Lunar New Year and sharing with others will never diminish our happiness. In fact, as all Sarawakians celebrate together, happiness and happiness will multiply, and it is also the strength of Sarawakians’ unity.
“We want to thank the leaders of Sarawak for their wisdom, because the differences between us can actually inspire solidarity, respect and friendship between us.”
In addition, he also appreciates the support given to him by all the members of Dato ‘Xu Qingying, Dato’ Lin Shuqiang and the Sand Chinese Association to make this Chinese New Year Party so successful.

It was caused by the government’s refusal to submit a proposal.

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