New year discovers new passions with 8 minute craft workshops

New year discovers new passions with 8 minute craft workshops

When immersed in a creative endeavor, you may find yourself in a state of meditation, feeling calm and comfortable with a fully focused mind, and worries removed. The artistic creation also helps to encourage new ideas, making you more confident and excited.

Although this Tet season we still can’t figure out how the translation will work, the arts and crafts classes below are a little suggestion for you to try to learn or save for one. New year turned further. The workshops covered in this article include handmade soap making, embroidery, contemporary calligraphy, drawing, handcrafted from do paper, risograph printing, leather making, clay making, Ikebana flower arrangements, and pottery. and make scented candles. Now let’s explore with iD!

Make handmade soap

In recent times, the beautiful soap cake as a work of art bearing pictures of landscapes, cakes, candies, … are popular. And it is possible to make those pretty soap after a few lessons.

Suggested address: Skilfulhands organizing courses on cold soap making methods. The fast learning process is synthesized from knowledge gained after many trials.


Hand embroidery is a popular tradition around the world. Previously, meticulous stitches often appeared only on royal and aristocratic costumes. Today, as we see on Instagram and Pinterest, hand embroidery designs are becoming more diverse and popular, suitable for women, men and children.

In a busy busy life, spending some time sitting and doing embroidery is an effective way to relax your mind.

Suggested address: In addition to selling cute items with embroidery pictures such as bags, hairpins, masks, … Embroidery Jars There are also basic courses in the subject.

Contemporary calligraphy

One more way for you to find relaxation and peace through a relatively new subject in Vietnam: contemporary calligraphy, being applied in many different areas of life.

Suggested address: Duka Workshops of the founder Trang Kao has a long-standing reputation as a provider of excellent and professional courses in calligraphy and watercolor painting.

Making do paper crafts

When there was a period of time facing the danger of being lost and forgotten, do paper had a chance to revive and still persistently and quietly existed in the midst of modern cities.

Suggested address: Zó Paper has sought and attempted to widely publicize the value of the paper. In addition to selling and designing products, this place also organizes fan making classes, earrings, closing books, … using this material. You can also take a trip to Hoa Binh to learn more about the paper making process.


The painting courses currently are very diverse, meeting the needs from wanting to practice skills to explore and relax.

Suggested address: Dust Fine Arts good Megan Art Gallery offers methodical drawing courses. If you have never held a brush before, Tipsy Art provides a relaxing session in a café. At the end of the lesson, you will have a complete picture done by yourself.

Add an interesting skill related to great drawing, painter X.Lan open an online class about sketchnote, how to present the content of notes into drawings.

Print risograph

Risograph is a combination of traditional silkscreen printing with modern copiers, using layers of original color that overlap to create new colors. This printing technique produces pictures that are unique.

Suggested address: Dry Squid Studio is the pioneer in printing application risograpH. You can learn about how to incorporate this technique into your works, or simply to unleash your creativity.

Handmade leather

Each handcrafted leather product carries the exact calculation of the craftsman’s performance as well as the sublimation of the craftsman. So it shows an unmixable personality.

Suggested address: If you have skillful hands and are fascinated by the meticulousness and sophistication of handmade leather, try a workshop of Skincare lessons (with online class).

Molding clay

Clay clay making course will be an opportunity for you to train your hand agility and creativity, in order to create a cute work with a personal mark.

Suggested address: Tidu Studio has nearly 10 years in the field art toy. The curriculum on clay molding has diverse contents, suitable to the interests and ages of each subject. Workshop provides a full range of specialized tools and self-drying clay to make products quickly and conveniently.

Flower arrangement Ikebana style

The oldest art of flower arrangement in Japan Ikebana has long been known globally, with more and more people participating. It’s more than just choosing and arranging flowers, Ikebana create the form and temperament for the vase, now considered a sculpture, and express the mind of the arranger.

Suggested address: Ikebana House display flower arrangements in a Japanese atmosphere, and organize classes or experiential activities about the art.


Around the long wooden table, a group of people sat attentively on the turntable, stroking their hands on the vase or meticulously carved floral patterns. Temporarily leaving computers, phones, they immersed themselves in the world of sand, scent, and color before gazing at the finished product. It’s a familiar setting of a pottery class, a fun place to learn about Vietnam’s outstanding traditional professions, and to relieve stress.

Suggested address: Pottery Chi preserving the spirit of traditional handmade pottery through generations in the family. During the weekend classes, you will learn how to shape with turntables and decorations.

Teng Ceramic is a rare place in Vietnam that offers the experience of making Mosaic paintings, a type of decorative art, with paintings made of many pieces of glass or ceramic, with flexible lines, attracting all eyes.

Make scented candles

Besides decorating the house, taking pictures or making gifts, scented candles also help you create a warm space with scents that have a positive impact on psychology. The scent of candles can release stress, maintain alertness and concentration.

Suggested address: When attending the workshop of All In My HandsYou will make your own candles, learn about natural ingredients and decorate products by yourself.


In the trend of “love kitchen, house addiction” is developing strongly, cooking and baking is a hobby that many young people are interested in. “Learning how to make cakes is an effective way to reduce stress, bringing joy to both the maker and the enjoyers“.

Suggested address: Start with a blog that records daily life stories and shows off the author’s cooking results. Linh Trang, Savory Days Now it has become a famous baking destination, with online classes on more than a dozen different types of savory sweets: bread, pizza, pineapple cake, onion cake, healthy cookie, bonbon candy, mousse cake, …

In addition to workshops specializing in a particular area, there are also places that offer classes in different subjects. You guys follow and explore offline.

Monosketch Collaborate with studios and artists, organize workshops on wood fish making, notebooks, pin coloring, origami. Very chill class space with full appliances, music and lotus tea.

The Workshop offers a series of unique and interesting courses on bullet book making, flower learning, curiosity, …

Luu Lo Art & Craft is a place to introduce works of independent artists and craftsmen in Hanoi. Besides, this is also the place where workshops are held quite often on many different topics.

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