New Variety Show! Yi Yang Qianxi's "Friends Please Listen 2" returns, "Escape 3" replay is exposed

New Variety Show! Yi Yang Qianxi’s “Friends Please Listen 2” returns, “Escape 3” replay is exposed

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“Friends please listen well” and “Escape Room” are two of the current Ace TV shows on Mango Channel. The popularity of each show is very high. Regarding “Listen to Friends 2” and “Escape 3” “There is also the latest news.

Recently, some netizens exposed this year’s Mango’s homemade variety show schedule. From the first quarter to the fourth quarter, there are many variety shows, such as “Listen to friends”, “Escape”, “Ming Detective” and other programs that attract the most attention. All in the column.

It can be seen from the figure that there are 4 programs in the first quarter. At present, the most popular ones are “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves” and “Mother-in-Law”. It is now in the third quarter of March, and “Wife’s Romantic Travel 5” is also Already on the agenda, the husband and wife guests include Qin Hailu and Wang Xinjun, Lin Feng and Zhang Xinyue, Jiang Qinqin and Chen Jianbin, Zou Kai and Zhou Jie, and artist guest Liu Tao. The show is currently being filmed, and many Reuters pictures have been exposed.

In addition, the hottest in the second season must be “Escape”. Unsurprisingly, the guests of this show will include Deng Lun, Yang Mi and Huang Minghao. As for whether Guo Qilin will participate in the recording of the third season. Not sure. Moving to the third quarter, in addition to “Please listen to my friends”, the editor was surprised that there was actually “Brother Overcoming Thorns”, which seems to be another artist talent show.

“Listen, friends” is a new program released last year. During the epidemic, it gave everyone a lot of warmth. Regular guests include He Jiong, Xie Na, and Yi Yang Qianxi. Because of Xie Na’s laughter, the show has also become very interesting. Many viewers and fans want to watch the interaction between Xie Na and Yi Yang Qianxi, which is also a rare program with a radio nature.

In the fourth quarter, there will be the “Ming Detective 7” that everyone is looking forward to very much. At present, “Ming Detective 6” is still on the air. I think the new season will be broadcast at the end of the year as soon as possible. In addition, “Daughters’ Love” The enthusiasm of the shows is not small. Looking at the Mango Channel, there are still many variety shows worthy of high popularity. Do you look forward to it?


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