New Tour from February to March: Monster Hunter, Two Persons, Super Mario 3D World Remake, Little Nightmare 2

From a personal perspective, this column will select and introduce for readers some of the newly released game works (or content) this month, mainly covering mainstream platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC. Maybe there are some that can arouse your interest. s work.

I am sorry to be absent from last month’s new game preview. On the one hand, I was busy with other tasks. On the other hand, it was also because the number of games planned to be included in last month’s preview was small and not much can be written. In addition to sorry, I also added some of the games worth mentioning last month to this article. Welcome to read!

Monster Hunter Rise / MONSTER HUNTER RISE

“Monster Hunter” main series latest work

2021.03.26 / Nintendo 、 PC

The latest “Monster Hunter” main series game after “Monster Hunter World”. Since the transplant of “Monster Hunter XX” in 2017, this series has finally launched a work on the NS platform again. It is also the first game to use Capcom’s self-developed The “Monster Hunter” game developed by the RE engine of the company is particularly focused on traditional Japanese flavors in terms of art design, and accordingly a large number of Japanese monster-themed creatures have been introduced.

According to Capcom, the research and development work of this game started very early. “Monster Hunter XX” was launched after it was released. It was developed simultaneously with “Monster Hunter World” and concentrated the wisdom of the series production team. This game adds fresh elements such as “Xiang Chong” and “Fuck Dragon”. The former is actually a bit similar to multi-jumps in other action games, while the latter allows many fans of the series to “bring their dreams into reality” and finally allows players to Control the behemoths in the game world.

It takes two

Two-person cooperation platform jumping action adventure, the producer’s chest guarantee: never repeat the same in the process

2021.03.26 / PlayStation、Xbox、PC

From the producer of “A Way Out”, Josef Fares, who spoke to Oscar in front of the live camera, is the same as “A Way Out”, this is a two-player cooperative game with a part of the screen.

The story focuses on Cody and May-a couple preparing for a divorce. Their daughter Rose did not want this to happen, so she pierced two villains representing mom and dad, and said to them that they did not want to separate their parents. Obsession; I don’t know what happened. Cody and May actually became the images of these two villains. The two were shocked. In the end, they only had a weird love book (The Love Book by Dr. Hakim). Under the guidance of, began a platform jumping action adventure that turned back into a human form.

The producer mentioned in the game promotional video he personally explained that there is no repeated level design in “Two Persons”, and every new big scene, players will experience a brand new mechanism that is not duplicated, and the themes in these level design The element is also closely related to the restoration of the emotional bond between the two protagonists; for example, before the beginning of a certain level, May accused Cody of not having a sense of time, and Cody complained that May was never at home, so he cares, in the next level. , Cody has the ability to control the passage of time and restore items, while May can clone himself and teleport between the locations of two bodies. The promo shows many scenes in the game. The bizarre levels, fancy character skills, and hilarious and vivid character performances all arouse people’s interest. Perhaps this is why Josef Fares dared to be in the Game Informer interview. Kouhi, I have to compensate people who really think this work is boring $1,000.

Super Mario 3D World + Fury World / Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

Not only is the classic remake, expanded content, but also added practical and interesting multiplayer online functions

2021.02.12 / Nintendo

Another bead from the first party scattered on the Wii U platform was moved to NS. Players who missed the original game due to the exclusive use of Wii U can finally see its style on the new generation of hardware platforms.

The original game “Super Mario 3D World” was released in 2013 and is the sequel to the 2011 3DS game “Super Mario 3D Continental”. According to Nintendo’s official data, as of September 30, 2020, the cumulative sales of this game have reached 5.86 million copies, ranking second in the Wii U platform game sales list, second only to “Mario Kart 8”. In terms of audio-visual experience and operating feel, the original game inherits the usual flavor of the 3D Mario platform jumping series, and also adds fresh mechanisms such as the transformation of “Malio Mario”, corresponding to a large number of innovative level designs; Princess Peach Long-lost return, since the release of “Super Peach Princess” in 2005, it has become an operable character again after many years; the game also includes a number of mini decryption mini-games by Chinobio’s “leading star”. The well-received mini game was modeled on, and the following year, Nintendo adapted and produced “Forward! Captain Chinobio.

This game is actually a collection of games, including two independent works, you need to choose which one to play after opening: one is a remake of “Super Mario 3D World”, which not only fully reproduces the old game, but also creatively joins multiplayer cooperation clearance , The network connection function, in each level introduces the points competition between players and the reward Buff competition, the “party game” is full of fun; the other is the new “Furious World”, which is based on the original game stage. Joined the battle with the giant Kuba king.

Little Nightmares 2 / Little Nightmares II

The second work in the “Little Nightmare” series is actually more similar to the original prequel

2021.02.10 / PlayStation、Xbox、Nintendo、PC

As the second work in the “Little Nightmare” series, the first generation works were released in 2017, laying the foundation for the characteristics of this series: platform jump decryption gameplay, thrilling and depressing atmosphere, and meaningful plot. The game has designed multiple linear “tracks” that can move 360° on the “road” for players to take platform jumping adventures and complete a large number of environmental puzzles or challenges related to physical characteristics, such as picking up things and throwing them out to explore the fallen leaves Trap the beast, avoid the enemy’s light or sneak in the line of sight, collect the remote control to turn off the TV, etc.

On the whole, the audiovisual design of the game is also consistent with the idea of ​​emphasizing physical characteristics in the gameplay. The pseudo-style scenes produced by Unreal Engine 4 have a real texture, sound effects and a small amount of background music are used just right, and the screen is almost erased. With the existence of UI, it can be said that it has made every effort to create an exquisite world that calls for intuitive operation and is immersed in people, and portrays the nightmare to life.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

What could be more perfect than “Elysium Disco”?This one can fight

2021.03.?? / PlayStation、Xbox、Nintendo、PC

Ladies and gentlemen, let us enjoy the return of “Elysium Disco”.

This work was announced on-site at The Game Awards 2020. It is a blockbuster update to the original game. 150,000 English words have been added. There are new tasks, new characters, new costumes, and new cutscenes. (Maybe you can finally see the original game The animation scenes in the trailer have been released), and there is an English dubbing that covers the entire process.

So, regardless of whether you have cleared “Elysium Disco” or not, this “Final Edited Edition” has new content worthy of you to watch; by the way, players who already own the original game will get free upgrades. Remember to check it out in the game library after the release. Look. Regarding “Elysium Disco”, welcome to read the review written by the author before. There are no spoilers, please feel free to read it.

Hall of Valor / Velheim

Want me to say it is more interesting than the other “Hall of Valor”??

2021.02.02 / PC

This game is an open-world survival game with the theme of Nordic mythology. It starts from “If you want to get rich, first smash the tree”, it continues to accumulate production materials, build your own territory, build more and more powerful equipment, and finally defeat the hidden in the map. Monsters and monsters everywhere.

The author believes that the overall game process of this game is similar to “Minecraft”. It is basically composed of “obtaining resources from the natural world, building equipment and building homes, exploring the world generated by procedures, and collecting tokens to trigger boss battles.” , But the difference is also very obvious:

The art design style of “The Temple of Valor” is rather real. Although the objective level is not high, it can make people feel a unique charm; we can also see a lot of very detailed realistic performance in the mechanism of action, value, and architecture. ——Including but not limited to being injured or crushed to death by chopped logs, eating grilled food, you can be full for a long time, and you need to design a flue to keep the interior comfortable, etc.; it is particularly worth mentioning that this work The interactive experience of the synthesis system is excellent. Players hardly need to resort to a special synthesis recipe manual. What kind of materials they have can see the formula based on all these materials in the synthesis interface, which is extremely convenient. Very valuable for survival games.

This work currently supports up to 10 people online, and there are official online servers available for free. Although there are still imperfections and unreasonable points, the author’s personal experience is that “The Temple of Valor” is indeed a piece of Lele’s great potential.

Curse of the Dead Gods / Curse of the Dead Gods

Roguelite action game with an oppressive and heavy look down angle

2021.02.24 / PlayStation、Xbox、Nintendo Switch、PC

“The Temple of the Underworld” is a top-down angle Roguelite action game. Early Access was launched in March last year and the official version was launched at the end of February this year. In addition to the “standard” that is widely present in this type of Roguelite works-randomly generated encounter content, temporary or permanent upgrades inside and outside the process, there are two creative points that most attract the author’s attention:

The first is the design of the combat mechanism. “Internal Nether Temple” introduced a “stamina value” system. Once the stamina value is exhausted, the player will be temporarily unprepared. Combat actions such as attack, roll dodge, and defense will consume stamina, but Successful execution of kills, perfect dodge, perfect rebound and other actions will immediately return your physical strength. Obviously, this will encourage players to hone the combat skills of licking the blood with the tip of the knife.

The second is to echo the “curse” of the game title. This game has designed a “corruption value” mechanism. Entering a new room and receiving damage from the corruption attribute will passively accumulate the “corruption scale”, and certain store transactions will also actively generate the corruption value. ; Corruption scale has a total of five grids. Every time a grid is filled, the player will randomly carry a Debuff (most of which will significantly worsen the situation). The next grid, the more deadly it comes out, and only hits Killing the boss has the right to erase a curse.

On the whole, the difficulty and pressure that this game gives players is greater, which is in stark contrast with “Hades”, which allows the pursuit of a “relaxed and cozy” atmosphere. However, it is precisely what allows players to make meaningful choices amidst high pressure and contradictions. One of the most important features of “Infinite Underworld Temple”.

Four Slashes / Hellish Quart

Pursuit of realistic 1v1 swordsmanship arena

2021.02.17 / PC

The background of this game is set in the Polish-Lithuanian Federation in the 17th century. It is a highly realistic sword fighting game. It comes from an independent developer who participated in the motion capture work of “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”. The core game content is It is to grab the sword and fight with real players or AI; in the current version of Early Access, players can play with long swords, stabbing swords, and scimitars, and more weapons are under development.

In a video program produced by IGN, a European ancient martial arts expert (who is also the owner of a fencing club) who was invited to speak commented that the actions of the characters in “Fighting Four” are very close to those in actual combat. The performance is not limited to the re-enactment of the sword action, but also includes details such as pushing the palm of the left hand in the defense, slowly kneeling when severely injured, and both sides of the duel piercing the opponent at the same time and scoring at the same time.

The realization of this level of simulation is due to the developer’s in-depth deconstruction of sword fighting gameplay: in the game, players not only control the occurrence of “attack” or “defense” events, but also control footwork and weapon movements. Not only need to use the WASD key to control the movement, but also use the TYGH four keys to control the direction of the sword, and match footwork and swordsmanship in actual combat to flexibly respond to the enemy’s moves; the collision between the blades strictly follows the physical characteristics. What you see is what you get”-the collision volume of the sword is not blocked, and the tip of the pierced sword is not pushed far enough. The result is likely to be a white knife in and a red knife out. The simulation makes “Four Slashes” look very simple, but it can make the hand-to-hand thrills purer.

Loop Hero

Trying to play the demo made my life lose two hours in the blink of an eye

2021.03.04 / PC

A card-like Roguelike game that looks very small, published by Devolver Digital.

In each process, the system will randomly generate a circular map with the active area only one grid wide. The brave representing the player will walk on the map in a clockwise direction and constantly; the map will be continuously generated according to the terrain. Minglei enemies, once the brave encounters, it will trigger a fully automatic battle (a turn-based fight for speed); the battle will drop two kinds of loot, one is equipment, which can improve the combat power of the brave, the other is It is a “terrain card”, which can turn a certain grid on the map into the terrain on the card; in the end, there are two possibilities to end the process, either use enough terrain cards to lead out the boss to kill it, or kill the opponent.

In the process, there is a large amount of content that is out of the absolute control of the player-enemies generated according to the terrain, automatic battles with data and probabilities, and loot drops. However, the real core of “Cycle Brave” actually falls in the hands of the player. Terrain control: The initial map is clean, with only spawn points and slimes generated on the road. However, relying on the fallen terrain cards, players can fill the terrain step by step, place resource points elegantly, and enemy spawn points everywhere (in the brave From the perspective, this process is observing the chaotic space), exploring the terrain layout that can effectively fight monsters and develop and save lives.

It may be a little abstract, don’t worry, you can open Steam immediately, get a free demo of this game, and experience the small and beautiful gameplay design of “Cycle Brave”. Believe me, this demo of less than 70MB is enough to make you addicted, don’t ask, who knows who plays it.


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