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New research shows that coffee can help you burn fat

Coffee can trigger an effective fat burning mechanism in your body, according to new research published in Sciencetific Reports.

Michael Symonds, a professor at Nottingham University, said these mechanisms are similar to brown fat. "Brown fat is a unique ingredient used to generate heat. [Nhưng] it is only present in a small amount in the body"he explained.

When brown fat helps the body produce heat, it also burns the overall fat. Previously, this type of tissue was thought to appear only in hibernating mammals. In humans, babies who sleep a lot during sleep are also observed to have a high proportion of brown fat.

But recent research shows that brown fat is also present inside adult bodies. More specifically, people with low BMI are more brown fat than people with high body mass index.

Because the effects and mechanisms of brown fat are very attractive, Professor Symonds said that detecting the same effect of coffee will provide a chance for fat loss for people with high BMI, because they do not There is a lot of brown fat.

New research shows that coffee can help you burn fat

On average, an adult will have 50 to 100 grams of brown fat in the body, explains Professor Symonds. When activated, this brown fat can produce 300 times more heat than any other body.

At the maximum threshold, brown fat is capable of generating up to 10% of the total daily heat that you emit outside.

To study the effects of coffee and brown fat on overall fat burning activity, scientists used mouse and human stem cell models, dripping coffee into them and observing.

As a result, when cells are exposed to coffee, they increase oxygen consumption and heat production, similar to when brown fat cells are involved.

After positive results, scientists turned to human trials. Some volunteers were recruited to take coffee, and scientists would observe the activity of brown fat in their necks after 1 hour.

In a cup of coffee that volunteers drank contains about 65 mg of caffeine, Professor Symonds said. The consumption of coffee has increased the activity of their brown fat. Meanwhile, a control group that only drank water dissolved with caffeine did not show this stimulus.

This is a very promising effect. Professor Symonds said that coffee has been known for its anti-diabetic effects, possibly from increased triggers such as brown fat, reducing obesity rates and improving blood sugar.

Next step, scientists will need to conduct long-term follow-up studies to reaffirm their results.

They will design experiments that allow volunteers to drink 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day for 2 consecutive weeks, to see if the amount of brown fat and their activity increase. Whether fat loss and weight loss effects are observed, let's wait.

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