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New research: Playing Minecraft can make people more creative

A new study by the University of Iowa, USA has demonstrated that a person who wants to increase their creativity can resort to video games to do so. Researchers have used Minecraft, a sandbox-based survival game that builds giant buildings according to their own will in the virtual world. The young people in Vietnam also like this game very much, just like their peers around the world because it is like a giant Lego set like how they want. However, this study also shows that, not just playing games will increase creativity but must choose certain games.

Minecraft itself is a unique game, because it gives you a pure white world, build whatever you like. Scientists at the University of Iowa discovered that, when enjoying this game, research participants had a better ability to think creatively, thinking of strange buildings, especially when not There are guidelines like some of the others who participated in the study.

University of Iowa psychology professor Douglas Gentile explains, "Not only Minecraft makes players more creative, but the way of playing the game itself plays an important role."

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However, one thing that this study found. Participants who experimented with "creative" scientists have become slow after a period of time playing games. The co-author of the study, Jorge Blanco-Herrera, said that it is possible that players have made themselves confined to game control commands in an effort to show creativity. Or maybe, a human with creative energy is limited, and has used up all of them during the game, then wants to use it again, like many brothers do content or often fine art. There was a time of lumbering when I couldn't find inspiration : D


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