Tan Tong, Joe Biden, is responsible for his funeral for the American people picture 1People lined up to receive relief food in the context of COVID-19 pandemic in New York, USA on May 18, 2020. (Source: AFP / VNA)

The White House said the new US President Joe Biden will expand policies to support the poor after the pandemic COVID-19 causing the most serious poverty crisis, lack of money to buy food that America has ever faced in modern times.

This is the content of one of the two executive decrees that President Biden will sign for promulgation on January 22, also one of the first actions of Mr. Biden after taking office on January 20 to help teach the world’s largest economy.

According to the White House’s National Executive Council Director Brian Deese, the endurance of the American people may be reaching their limit and a lot of people need help. The government is committed to doing everything possible to provide the fastest assistance.

President Biden’s decree also directs government agencies to help people quickly access federal stimulus subsidies and raise minimum wages.

Despite having two major government bailout packages, the background US economy Still struggling with the damage caused by the pandemic.

Ministry of Labor recorded more than 1.3 million application for unemployment benefits in this week.

As of the first week of January 2021, nearly 16 million people lost their jobs due to the epidemic, leaving many households struggling to pay bills.

The Commerce Department reported that 13.7% of older people live in frequent or sometimes hungry situations.

Millions of children rely on school-provided meals, but schools now have to close or change the way they teach in translation.

Last year, the government provided household food at a level comparable to what their children received at school.

The decree of the new President Biden will increase this rate by 15%, according to which the White House said families with 3 children will be supported by 50 USD / month.

The ordinance also directs the Department of Agriculture to issue guidance that would allow states to expand food assistance to an additional 12 million people and reassess the basis to determine assistance levels.

Last month, the US Congress agreed to grant aid to each citizen totaling $ 600, Biden’s decree required the Treasury Department to quickly disburse this amount.

In the second ordinance, Mr. Biden called for the restoration of the right to collective bargaining for federal officials, directing agencies to submit preliminary proposals so that he could issue a new ordinance to require federal business owners. pay employees at least 15 USD / hour. The proposed minimum wage increase will need to be approved by parliament./.

Bich Lien (VNA / Vietnam +)