A new form of phishing shop has appeared on Shopee - Photo 1.

New phishing forms of the "ghost" stores appear on Shopee

From March 2019, a number of e-commerce platforms in Vietnam such as Lazada and Shopee have simultaneously announced to stop providing inspection services upon receipt of goods. This also means that shoppers are only allowed to check the goods after paying full delivery to the delivery staff, making the user feel confused because of the risk of fraud when buying goods on the EC floor.

This confusion is completely grounded, when the number of cases of "cheating" taking advantage of gaps in the collusion to deceive customers has been increasing in recent times.

Sell ​​cheap products at a third of the original price to cheat

Recently, Mr. S.N – the administrator of a group of SmartHome enthusiasts has posted a warning article to members of the group about a store on Shopee showing signs of fraud. The article was posted after some members of the group reflect on being cheated by the shop.

Posts quickly attracted a lot of comments and shares

In his article, the administrator of S.N accused a shop on e-commerce shop Shopee of using "new fraud" to sell cheap products to cheat buyers.

Specifically, the product mentioned by this administrator is a smart speaker model priced at only 255,000, much cheaper than the price of 789,000 in other stores. Sold by a store called "phukiengiasi.cf", this product has a very attractive description line such as "stock exhaust", "genuine original seal", "aimed at buyers with low price psychology. nothing, "according to SN

According to S.N, after receiving the order from the user, the shop "phukiengiasi.cf" silently hung these orders on Shopee without confirmation. Next, the product is still shipped to the address collected by the shop owner with a third-party shipping service, but not through e-commerce website delivery service.

A new form of phishing shop has appeared on Shopee - Photo 2.

Warning from an ordered user

However, according to Mr. S.N, when receiving goods, buyers are at risk of receiving "bricks and paper scraps", which is completely different from the ordered products. The administrator also warned that fraudulent buyers "will not be able to get their money back when they receive the goods" from both the shopee and the shopee when the order has been canceled on the e-commerce website's system earlier.

A new form of phishing shop has appeared on Shopee - Photo 3.

The package delivered does not contain the code and order information on Shopee, because the order was canceled earlier

Immediately after the article was posted, a number of members who had previously ordered said that they refused to receive the packages when the delivery staff brought, as soon as the store showed signs of fraudulent buyers. In addition, many members of the group expressed their anger at this fraud, and simultaneously called for the report to report to this store. Others even planned to order a large number of products that did not receive goods in retaliation for the allegedly fraudulent store.

Notably, according to many users' reflection, since the scam was discovered by the community 3 days ago, this store still "cavalier" exists as if nothing happened, despite the goods. Hundreds of reports have been sent to Shopee by users. It was not until 16:00 this afternoon (September 4), according to actual records from the PV, the "phukiengiasi.cf" account of this store was officially locked on Shopee. This means that, even after being denounced by the community, there are still hundreds of customers who have been scammed by the store during the past days, because Shopee has been too slow to handle the breach shop on my e-commerce page.

A new form of phishing shop has appeared on Shopee - Photo 4.

16:00 this afternoon (September 4), the account "phukiengiasi.cf" was officially locked on Shopee

"The double damage" because of the fraudulent purchase on the e-commerce site

In fact, such fraud is not new and has been reported by the media many times. The fraudulent buyers not only encapsulated on Shopee, but also occurred in many other e-commerce sites such as Sendo and Lazada. Worth mentioning is that, this form of fraud itself is not too sophisticated, but quite simple.

Typically, these people will set up a "ghost" store on e-commerce exchanges with easy sales policies like Shopee. From this ghost store, shop owners will post products with extremely attractive prices, 3-4 times cheaper than the listed price, along with very attractive description lines such as "shocking discounts", "liquidation of stock discharges". These items have high value, compact size such as electronics, phones are items that are "shopping mall" focus.

A new form of phishing shop has appeared on Shopee - Photo 5.

Most phishing shops use the formula: Sell products at extremely low prices to attract customers> cancel orders> ship not via e-commerce but through third parties> receive money. The object of interest for these fraudulent shoppers is usually customers who are cheap and lacking in vigilance, mistakenly thinking that this is a product that they ordered on the e-commerce floor and still make normal payment when receiving the goods.

However, due to the policy of not checking the receipt of many e-commerce sites, it is easy for buyers to receive fake and counterfeit goods of very poor quality compared to genuine products. Also with the above trick, customers are even at risk of product fraud when buying on e-commerce floors. In fact, many customers have fallen into the "half-crying" scene when ordering expensive electronic products such as phones on e-commerce floors but received … a package of bricks, scrap paper, glasses The water is packed very carefully!

A new form of phishing shop has appeared on Shopee - Photo 6.

Worth mentioning is that, users themselves when falling into this case often suffer "double losses" when they do not receive any form of after-sales or support from the shop owner and e-commerce floor. With e-commerce sites, because the order has been canceled by the shop owner unilaterally, the user is automatically deprived of the warranty rights, exchange, product refunds or even the right to complain and denounce the shop signs of cheating customers. E-commerce sites themselves cannot support these cases because the system does not record any purchases or information of damaged users.

Meanwhile, the customer contact with the shop "scam" to "catch the temple" is also completely impossible. In fact, most shops like that hide or leave a ghost address to avoid being found. Naturally, users cannot contact the hotline number of the store when people often turn off or block the number of buyers.

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