New MSI 2019 product range launched in Vietnam –

New MSI 2019 product range launched in Vietnam

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On July 13, MSI held a launch event MSI product range new in Vietnam market. At the same time, the company also introduced to the community of TV program gamers in collaboration with the company Discovery Channel Asia produced with the name "ESPORTS: The rise of the New King"

In the first half of 2019 saw a strong rise of the "red team" with the introduction of AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPUs, X570 chipset and AMD RX 5700 Series graphics card with more advanced technologies. Previous generations also followed the leading component manufacturer for gamers, MSI "landed" in Vietnam.

Besides, on the occasion of introduction MSI product range The company also showcased a number of powerful new-generation gaming laptops that have been "fired up" from the beginning of the year, such as the MSI GT76 using the PC's CPU or the MSI GE65 Raider as well as announcing the price for the sessions version of both models.

At the end of the session, the company introduced and showed the documentary "ESPORT: The rise of the New King"With the production cooperation, Discovery Channel Asia tells about the rise of electronic sports as well as the manufacturing industry of hardware devices for gamers, to rise to become a new" prince ". in the world sports background.

Right from the beginning of the introduction MSI product range, visitors can easily see the motherboards using X570 chipset with full range of products from low to high to satisfy all the needs of users from professional gamers, internal users. High-end content, both common users, businesses and regular projects.

The most advanced of the series for gamers is the two MEG series motherboards included Godlike MSI MEG X570 and MSI MEG X570 ACE with the "heavy," clumsy design "the most" quality features available to gamers, while the two models of the product line MSI MPG Gaming Edge Wifi and MSI MPG Gaming Pro Carbon Wifi will focus on performance and "lights" for mid-end – high-end users.

In addition, MSI also brought to the introduction MSI product range Motherboard model belongs to the product line MSI Prestige X570 Creation First released for users of high-end content creation on AMD microprocessor platforms. This is also an emerging community that is growing vigorously as the traditional gaming community.

In this event, MSI also introduced gamers to MSI RX 5700 and MSI RX 5700XT high-end graphics cards with a traditional OEM design. Custom version promised by the manufacturer will be launched in August here.

For the laptop segment, MSI also brought to the launch of two of the company's cult models in recent times MSI GT76 and MSI GE65 Raider With many features have been upgraded to the most advanced technology to "please" gamers.

In it, laptop MSI GT76 Designed for CPU use Intel Core i9 9900K Desktop computers with complex heat sink systems and four blowers allow users to use the maximum power of the PC CPU instead of using the previous energy-saving cuts. Thanks to this radiator fan system, the CPU can withstand the overclocking level up to 5GHz and still work stably.

Also on the occasion of the launch MSI product range This, the company also introduced the documentary "ESPORTS: The rise of the New King“Collaboration with Discovery Channel Asia is about the rise of the e-sports industry, from amateur enthusiasts, to professional gamers with the help of hardware manufacturers. Leading the world, especially MSI in building, sponsoring and organizing top notch tournaments in the competition categories.

On the sidelines of the event to introduce this film, gamers are also exchanged with some professional streamer and gamers like Mimosa or Xemesis about "game village" from amateur gamers to professional gaming tournaments.

MSI product range released with the movie "ESPORTS: The rise of the New King"Marked a long development of the local game village, from a small and small branch market that has gradually become a strong developing market, attracting the attention of numerous young people and gradually shaping e-sports into a new sport is very popular today. will update the latest reviews for you in the future.

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