New leaked information shows that Microsoft will make a major upgrade on Surface Book 3 - Photo 1.

New leak information shows that Microsoft will make a major upgrade on Surface Book 3

Recently, thanks to some leaked patents and demos, we learned that Satya Nadella's Surface design team is about to announce a few models of Windows 10 computers with changes significant change.

Specifically, a patent called "Moveable Display Supports, Computing Devices Using Same, And Methods Of Use" describes the techniques used in hinge design to support device screens. In this patent, Microsoft details a computer device with folding screens and flexing. This flexible screen consists of a thin film containing a transistor matrix with a front surface and a back surface. To improve the durability of the screen, only the back surface of the screen supports the scrolling screen, whereby the user can only bend the screen in one direction only.

Although this patent has just been published this morning, Microsoft actually submitted it from 2017. Two years have passed, and although the basic elements described in the patent have come true, but If you follow the situation in the last six months, you'll realize that smartphones and tablets with flexible screens haven't been able to overcome some of the drawbacks, such as the stain screen (Royole FlexPai), so fold in or out (Huawei Mate X), or the perishable state of the Galaxy Fold screen.

Considering that situation, it is likely that Microsoft will not follow the same path before (although the hinge mechanism described in the patent looks very much like a mechanical hinge on the Surface Book). It is possible that the Surface product line will be expanded with a dual-screen device with hinges like a traditional laptop, and the second screen will be placed at the keyboard's position.

If you hear the description above seem familiar, then that is exactly the design template is being circulated internally by Microsoft with the name Centaurus. The software giant is developing many different dual-screen models for Surface hardware, but not keeping it in secret anymore but gradually announcing it to the company's employees shows the Centaurus device. This is about to be completed and the release date is probably not far away. Some sources confirmed that Microsoft will officially launch this device within the next 6 months.

Microsoft is expected to hold a product launch event in October or November this year. Chances are they will introduce new Surface Book and Surface Pro models, and the simultaneous removal of a dual screen device before the press at this event will be a bold but perfectly reasonable choice.

Reference: Forbes

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