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New interactive experience Huawei’s “multi-screen collaboration” feature unveiled

Huawei has launched a new “multi-screen collaboration” function, bringing a new multi-screen interactive experience to users, realizing cross-device and system integration, and injecting new vitality into the development of the PC industry, bringing new development directions.

On September 26, Shanghai, Huawei Mate30 series mobile phones officially debuted in China. The Mate30 series of mobile phones has created an exciting evolution of smartphones and brought consumers the future flagship experience. The first release of EMUI10 operating system, with the ability to aggregate multiple terminals with distributed technology, introduced a series of new features in interaction and other aspects, the most interesting of which is the “multi-screen collaboration” function between mobile phones and PCs.

The “One Touch” feature of Huawei notebooks has been well-received by users since its debut, and the “Multi-screen collaboration” function is an upgraded version of the “One Touch” feature, bringing users a new multi-screen interactive experience. Compared with the previous one-touch transmission function, there are three connection methods for multi-screen collaboration, which are: one-touch connection, close connection, and scan code connection. Multiple methods are more convenient for users to operate.

The multi-screen collaboration function is based on the EMUI10 distributed technology, which can not only achieve two-way file transfer between mobile phones and PCs, but also take the lead in implementing collaborative operations, data transfer, and multi-screen manipulation between mobile phones and PCs to improve user office efficiency. Mobile office needs for business people.

Using the “multi-screen collaboration” function, users can mirror a mobile phone equipped with the EMUI10 operating system to a PC screen to achieve two “ends” on the same screen. Apps that were previously only available on mobile phones can now be used smoothly on PCs. For example, you can use a mobile app on your PC to read news and watch videos.

At the same time, the mouse and keyboard of the PC can be used as mobile phone peripherals to achieve on-screen input and interaction. In short, users can use mobile phones in the PC interface, which is a revolution in collaboration and interaction between mobile phones and PCs.

Not only that, in order to relieve users from concerns, the “multi-screen collaboration” function is based on Huawei’s distributed security system, which can ensure that the right people, on the right devices, access the correct data. Only legitimate devices that have been authenticated by the user can connect to other devices, and at the same time, end-to-end encryption of communication content between devices, thereby ensuring the security of data transmission.

The “multi-screen collaboration” function will change the office experience of the office crowd, bringing a fully connected, intelligent and efficient one-stop seamless office. By using this function, Huawei mobile phones and Huawei notebooks can be quickly connected at any location to achieve dual-system display on the same screen. Users only need to focus on one screen. Moreover, Huawei has introduced Android ’s rich application ecosystem into the notebook, and users can Efficient operations across systems and platforms, such as pictures and text, can be easily transmitted by dragging and dropping.

In the work scene, “multi-screen collaboration” supports automatic connection of tasks, information transfer with the screen, seamless connection, natural circulation, and efficient collaboration. Unprocessed documents on Huawei mobile phones, watching half of the videos, and unending chats will not be interrupted, and can be perfectly connected to the notebook to continue browsing or processing. The whole process is simple and natural.

Huawei has always been committed to bringing the digital world into everyone, every family, every organization, and building a smart world where everything is connected. The emergence of the “multi-screen collaboration” function takes office scenes as an important breakthrough point and realizes cross-device and system integration. This function allows users to enjoy a smarter, more convenient and more efficient smart life in all scenes. At the same time, the “multi-screen collaboration” function will also inject new vitality into the development of the PC industry and bring a new direction of development.

It is reported that the “multi-screen synergy” function will support a variety of Huawei notebook products, specific models can refer to the official website. You can experience this function with Huawei notebooks with computer housekeeper version 10.0 and above, and Huawei phones with Kirin 980 and above chips and EMUI 10 and above operating systems.

Recently, Huawei has successively pushed the computer housekeeper version 10.0 to Huawei’s new MateBook X Pro / MateBook 14 / MateBook 13 three notebooks. Consumers using these three notebooks can experience the “multi-screen collaboration” function through Huawei Mate30 series mobile phones. Huawei’s Mate30 series of mobile phones released today perfectly fit the “multi-screen collaboration” function. As EMUI10 is gradually landing on other models, this function will cover more Huawei users.


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