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New information on “Yiyou Xueyuan Y” exposed: will be updated regularly for free after release

Today (May 22) Level-5 developed the “Monster Watch” series of new work “Youkai Academy Y” confirmed on its official Twitter, this work will be a large download version of the game works, the official will be regular weekly Update the content of this work.


“Yiyou Xueyuan Y” official said in the promotional picture that this work will be a large download version of the game, the production team plans to update “Yiyou Xueyuan Y” once a month, as the update plan progresses The content and gameplay of this game will also be continuously upgraded. In addition, the physical version of “Yiyou Xueyuan Y” has not yet decided on the release date.

[Ranger Net]”Legend of Monster School Y” Trailer

“Youkai Academy Y” is confirmed to be released this summer, landing on the Switch and PS4 platforms. “Yiyou Xueyuan Y” is adapted from “Yiyou Xueyuan Y ~ Encounter with N ~”, players will discover the incredible mystery that appears in Y Xueyuan with the protagonist, Jin Ping and their unique companions , While enjoying a happy school life. The battle with the enemy Wraith will also be very different from the previous series.



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