New generation Bphone reveals its design with a camera hidden under the screen

( The design drawing with camera technology hidden under the screen has just been revealed by VNExpress.

New BPhone is expected to feature a hidden camera under the screen, but the mechanism of action is different from the mobile models on the market. After the design drawings of Bphone were revealed. BKAV representatives also confirmed that this is a drawing registered by the company for intellectual property. Thus, it is likely that this design will be applied to the new generation Bphone.

Bkav’s drawings show that the device is equipped with periscope lenses, using optical principles to capture and reflect light. This helps the camera quality not be reduced even through a thin screen layer. This mechanism is quite special, perhaps Bkav needs time to research successfully and meet the needs of manufacturers before going into mass production.

In September 2020, Bkav CEO also intended to bring hidden cameras to smartphones based on ZTE technology. But due to the poor image quality, the manufacturer has decided not to use this technology. In December 2020, Mr. Quang affirmed that the company has solved the problem of the defective screen, so the new generation Bphone will own the screen with completely overflowing borders.

Let’s wait for BKAV to bring us a spectacular transformation with the new generation Bphone.


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