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New generation Apple Watch may be equipped with a camera at the end of the strap

With an adjustable camera, Apple Watch users can easily capture beautiful photos without having to turn their wrists to find the right angle.

Up to the present time, there are quite a few manufacturers who have launched smartwatch models with built-in cameras, but their cameras are usually fixed. This means that to have a good photo, you need to twist your wrist and find the best angle. However, Apple seems to have its own solution to overcome this problem.

Recently, Apple Apples has been patented for an Apple Watch model with a built-in camera but has the ability to adjust the position to any angle you want. It looks like the company's current smartwatch, but there's an extra section of strap with the camera at the end. You just need to drag, unplug and adjust this strap to be able to capture your own ideal photo.

On the other hand, the new design also allows users to take photos on both sides of the Apple Watch and can even take 360-degree photos. To turn off the camera, simply touch the device, tap on the clock button or touch the screen.

Of course, this is a patent and not a product route, so it is not possible to guarantee that you will see this on future Apple Watch models. Rumors of an Apple Watch with cameras have appeared since 2015, but there are still many technical barriers related to battery life as well as space for sensors.

Sforum - The latest technology information page Apple-Watch-FaceTime-Call-960x540 Apple Watch can be equipped with a camera at the end of the strap

However, technological advances can make this more practical than before. On the other hand, Apple is also eager to create a smartwatch that can operate independently without an iPhone. An Apple Watch with camera will help you limit the need to always carry your phone with you, can easily use it to take photos or answer FaceTime calls.

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