New forces in the game community, users of Xiaohongshu play like this

Last month, a “Tandian” post on Xiaohongshu went out of business.

On Xiaohongshu, you can see shop-discovery posts about travel and food everywhere, but what’s special is that the “shop” in this post is not a real internet celebrity shop, but a restaurant in Moore’s Manor, because The owner used Cantonese to entertain the guests very vividly. After being shared on Weibo by netizens, it caused tens of thousands of reposts and once rushed to the top 20 in hot searches.

And this is just a microcosm of the large amount of “Moore Manor” shared content on Xiaohongshu.

Since the launch of “Moore Manor”, red-nosed moles have appeared in various guide posts from time to time. On the one hand, because the style of the game itself fits the preferences of Xiaohongshu users, on the other hand, this kind of game with a high degree of development freedom is naturally the soil for the sharing of various “xiaohongshu style” strategies. It is understood that the total production volume of “Moore Manor” on Xiaohongshu is close to 200,000, with a cumulative exposure of more than 1.3 billion, and a reading volume of nearly 300 million. Game-related topics once rushed to the top of the entire community in search volume.

For Xiaohongshu, who has always given the impression of “beauty, travel, and food sharing”, the increase in the proportion of games shows that the content ecology and user composition of this platform are changing.


As a social game that focuses on collecting and raising as the main gameplay, “Moore Manor” meets the needs of most Xiaohongshu users for the game. Following Dongsen, it has become another phenomenon-level game here, and in a short period of time, a large amount of UGC content has been incubated.

Tips for wearing OOTD:

There are also tips on decoration skills and clocking in and taking pictures, Amway, etc., which are full of the pop culture atmosphere of the little red book:

It is worth mentioning the topic of “Moore’s Pianist”. First, some players used the simple piano function in the game to play good songs, and then it triggered many players’ spontaneous creations and became a scene in the community.

This kind of “Half Game Strategy, Half Life Entertainment” UGC (User Sharing Content) can only be seen in Xiaohongshu. Because here, games are part of the “life” that people share. As a community that does not focus on ACG culture, Xiaohongshu has also inadvertently nurtured a game community atmosphere that is completely different from other vertical platforms.


In people’s conventional perception, the proportion of female users in Xiaohongshu is the largest, so naturally, the most shared on this platform should also be those “female-oriented games.”

But this is not the case. Those stereotyped female-oriented games are not the mainstream here.

In the past few days, Netease’s martial arts chicken game “Eternal Tribulation” is getting under way, and Wu Yangwu has also appeared on the Xiaohongshu post asking for team formation and sharing strategy teaching.

Some time ago, “Resident Evil 8” was released, and many people on Xiaohongshu began to popularize the plot and worldview of this series of science:

And this year’s word-of-mouth masterpiece “Two People Going Together” has become a standard game for couple players on Xiaohongshu, and they tricked single dogs into killing.

As for GTA5, which has a broad mass creative foundation on all social platforms, it looks like this on Xiaohongshu:

More and more manufacturers are also aware of the spreading effect of Xiaohongshu. In the past two years, many game manufacturer friends have mentioned similar situations: “I didn’t pay attention to it before. I didn’t expect Xiaohongshu to discuss our game. Quite a lot!”.

Lilith, who has launched products such as “Legend of Xiaobingbing”, “Sword and Expedition”, and “Awakening of Nations”, recently used Xiaohongshu as a community operation platform. In the past, the user group of this company was mainly male, and the style was more European and American, and it had very little intersection with Xiaohongshu. But this year, after Lilith represented a niche indie game “Ancient Mirror”, it quickly attracted attention on Xiaohongshu due to its national style hand-painted + reasoning gameplay. A friend who is in charge of marketing in Lilith told me that they noticed a lot of taps of “Ancient Mirror” appeared on Xiaohongshu, and some of the recommended content had tens of thousands of likes, so they opened it in Xiaohongshu The community began to do some operational activities.

Another manufacturer that focuses on PC stand-alone game publishing, Youlika, also unexpectedly discovered this year that their independent game “Tian Shen Zhen” has a unique ecology in Xiaohongshu. The users of Xiaohongshu seem to have a special liking for Guofeng farming and construction games. Even though “Tian Shen Zhen” has not been officially launched, they have already gained a lot of tap water recommendations and game content conjecture discussions on Xiaohongshu.

Reminiscent of the previous “Animal Crossing” and “Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River” have also exploded on Xiaohongshu. If only these relatively well-known cases are represented, we seem to be able to summarize “the games that Xiaohongshu players like “Some of the characteristics, such as national style, gentle and lovely pictures, it is best to have some collection and dressing elements…

But Xiaohongshu users like far more than this. Game content that can become popular on this platform usually has some deeper commonalities: creativity, strategy, companionship, and cultivation… From these perspectives, any game It may spread on Xiaohongshu in unexpected gestures.

For example, “Mad Father” was accurately and playfully summarized by “Little Sweet Potatoes” as “a horror game of knocking cute little girls to save dad”


Compared with the more vertical ACG community, Xiaohongshu’s discussion of games often has its own characteristics.

But unlike other game communities, users of Xiaohongshu, when recommending or evaluating games, seldom make evaluations on the overall quality of the work, but are more inclined to share their own experience of playing games-that is, this game. The emotional value of the game.

The simulation game “Double Point Hospital” is referred to here as “Treatment of Unhappy”

Compared with hard-core analytical articles such as art style, combat system, numerical system, etc., Xiaohongshu users prefer to use “direct delivery” or even seemingly subjective expressions to output their opinions, such as “operating friendly”. “I think it’s cute”, “suitable for a handicapped party like me” and so on. The content ecology of Xiaohongshu determines that what users want to see here is relatively “equal” and “kind” sharing, “I have played, I like it, so I recommend it to you”. Users are also willing to respond spontaneously with high-quality answers, and are willing to answer some seemingly basic questions for “Xiaobai” users.

Xiaohongshu was originally a place where a large number of girls made beauty-related strategies: beauty makeup strategies, travel strategies, photo-taking strategies… Naturally, as game topics gradually increased in Xiaohongshu, a group of game strategies were naturally born. People.

But this kind of strategy is very different in the perception of many traditional game players. It needs to take care of novices more, contains detailed tutorials, and will take care of every tiny gameplay in the game. According to popular words in Xiaohongshu, most of the tutorials here are “nanny-level”:

There are independent tutorials for the skydiving link of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Assistant hand-to-hand teaching in LOL

A typical example is the public opinion ecology of NS in China. As we all know, the National Bank NS is one-sided criticism in many game forums, and it is very hostile. But in Xiaohongshu, even on topics related to the Bank of China, there are often pleasant discussions. For players who have just come into contact with the console, Xiaohongshu provides a channel for them to quickly learn about console games. “How to use the memory card” and “Is the handle with only one light on, is it dead (in fact, it is a matching indicator light)”. These mainstream game media and communities on the market cannot satisfy the doubts of mild players. You can find it in Xiaohongshu The above has been resolved, and the atmosphere of mutual help among novice players is also more friendly.

Thanks to the unique and friendly atmosphere, National Bank NS also cooperated with Xiaohongshu to organize topic collection activities. Through fitness ring, dance power and other content that is in harmony with the Xiaohongshu platform, it further promoted NS’s presence on the platform. The domestic popularity.

From this perspective, Xiaohongshu is closer to the “bridge” positioning between traditional players and non-players than other game communities. For a netizen who wants to try some “unfamiliar game fields (such as host Steam, etc.)” but does not know where to start, there may be no more suitable initial entry than Xiaohongshu-in other places, he may Will be persuaded by a lot of unheard terms and black words first.


We once reported on the game content ecology on Xiaohongshu. We mentioned at that time: Here, the game is more life-like, more general, and more revolving around “people”. It is not a vertical forum. Of course, it cannot satisfy players’ “rigorous needs” for exploring game content, but it can provide a short-term habitat for those who love games and life at the same time.

Now, this “life + game” atmosphere is even stronger.

People share both “beauty tips” and “ten practical tips in games” here. How to better enjoy the game is the purpose of most of the strategies here.

And no matter how niche an unknown game, you can basically find a few guides on Xiaohongshu.

Most of them are not absolutely rigorous and professional, but they are written purely by users to help their friends. Affected by the existing culture of the Xiaohongshu community, sharing the strategy here is also regarded as a way to show yourself. Therefore, the game strategies on Xiaohongshu are often beautiful, neat, and well-designed.

The handwritten strategy with a sense of ritual is also a popular phenomenon here:

You can also observe this phenomenon: Most users who write game strategies in Xiaohongshu do not only produce game-related content.

The content shared by the same user can include both PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Sanya B&B guides

Obviously, here is a platform for sharing life from beginning to end, and games are part of life.

Concluding remarks

The expansion of the content and crowd of Xiaohongshu games, coupled with the characteristics of Xiaohongshu itself, means that Xiaohongshu may become the next important game community. For both game manufacturers and users, this is a platform that cannot be ignored. Take the “Moore Manor” mentioned at the beginning of the article, a large number of community discussions and UGC content also affected the market strategy of game operators, thus making Xiaohongshu a social communication platform as important as Weibo and Station B. .

Behind this change, there is enough data to support it. Data from Analysys shows that in February 2021, the monthly life of Xiaohongshu was nearly 138 million, an increase of 72% compared with the beginning of 2020. The influx of a large number of new users has brought about the generalization of content categories and the rapid expansion of the number. In 2020, the year-on-year growth rate of content in sports events will even exceed 1100%. With the generalization of community content categories, more new users come to Xiaohongshu. It also includes male users-in fact, the ratio of male to female users on Xiaohongshu has risen to 3:7.

In other words, the reason why the game content on Xiaohongshu is rich is that, in addition to the diversified game needs of the female player group, it is not as rigid and narrow as the outside world presupposes. There is also a possible reason: this The user group of the platform has become richer. Maybe you have boys among your friends who are playing games and sharing game strategies on Xiaohongshu.

Source: Game Research Society


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