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New Era Almighty Boy? Singing, dancing, writing and hosting, what else Wang Yuan can’t

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In the highly competitive entertainment circle, to gain a certain degree of popularity, you must have sufficient ability. Since Wang Yuan’s debut, he has brought us so many surprises. Wang Yuan is a good idol, with positive energy, youth, and positive. He made his debut as a singer, so he has achieved one after another in the field of singing and has a large number of fans.

However, in addition to singing, netizens are most surprised to find that Wang Yuan, a kid, is amazing. Although he is young, he seems to be an all-around boy in the new era. He knows everything and knows everything. As everyone knows, Wang Yuan’s dancing skills are very good. In the concert, his singing and dancing performance brought people a beautiful visual and auditory feast. However, in addition to these, Wang Yuan seems to have a lot more.

For example, Wang Yuan is a boy who loves reading. Although working hours are relatively busy, I often make time for reading and writing. This famous magazine columnist, Wang Yuan also has many loyal fans in the field of literature. In addition, Wang Yuan also has a lot of popular sayings: “Everything is cute”. But regarding these, Wang Yuan never sells, he always keeps a low profile to do what he should and want to do.

In addition, Wang Yuan is also a famous king of cold knowledge, always knowing many strange things. In an interview, Wang Yuan once said that he usually likes to read Encyclopedia of Cold Knowledge. In an event, Wang Yuan personally made a dry rice bowl, dyed the surface of the bowl, and popularized the Damascus steel pattern to the public. In addition, he gave us a lot of knowledge about science, such as shark eggs are spiral-shaped.

As an almighty boy, Wang Yuan could say more than that. On the Spring Evening of the Year of the Ox that just passed, Wang Yuan, as the spokesperson, presided over the opening of Beijing Satellite TV’s Spring Festival Gala. Whether it was singing and dancing or hosting the party, Wang Yuan seemed to be able to capture it. His on-the-spot adaptability and the ability to activate the live atmosphere are very strong. He looks like a veteran host. I have to say that Wang Yuan like this is also great.

I don’t know if you have noticed that although Wang Yuan is a big sunny boy on weekdays, but on the spring evening in Beijing that just passed, Wang Yuan seemed to be a different person, as if today’s Wang Yuan is not Wang Yuan, but The king is a serious source. I have to say that Wang Yuan’s host opening is very good, his words are round and serious, which is quite surprising.

After hosting the Spring Festival Gala, Wang Yuan was actually urged by netizens to verify. Many netizens said that the average person’s day is 24 hours, but is Brother Yuan’s 48 hours? He knows everything and is proficient in everything. Wang Yuan’s host skills really have nothing to say. I suggest that Brother Yuan can consider his job as a host in the future. In addition, he must take a host certificate.

In fact, this is not the first time that Wang Yuan has hosted an event. As an important member of the TF family, Wang Yuan has hosted major activities of the TF family since he was a child and has a lot of relevant experience.

It’s just that I don’t know what Wang Yuan thinks about the job of the host, whether he has considered taking a test for a certificate. After all, in the field of hosting, Wang Yuan still seems quite talented.



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