New design concept of sport bike KTM RC 390 2020
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New design concept of sport bike KTM RC 390 2020

Information about KTM is developing an upgraded version of the KTM RC 390 sport bike to be launched in 2020 for a long time, the Austrian car company has also conducted Test run of RC 390 2020 model before officially launching on the market next year. However, the design of the car is quite well disguised, which makes many people curious about the actual appearance of the car.

To provide the most comprehensive and almost accurate view of the sample KTM RC 390 2020, SRK Designs has carried out the design of this model based on existing test images.

Expected design of KTM RC 390 2020 by SRK Designs

Expected design of KTM RC 390 2020 by SRK Designs

According to information previously posted, the KTM RC 390 2020 model will be fully upgraded by the Austrian automaker in terms of design and engine. First, the car possesses a completely new appearance, but retains some of the sharp features inherent in the KTM RC 390 series.

This is clearly shown through the overall sporty body with a definitive cut-out vest, a striking headpiece with a new headlight that is somewhat similar to the new Duke 390’s headlight design with position lights. Around the edge of the headlight, however, the headlight surface will be more square, replacing the double ball-shaped headlight design.

KTM RC 390 2020 on the test run

The image is said to be KTM RC 390 2020 on the test track

Another change on the front of the car is the windscreen that is more aerodynamic and practical than the current KTM RC 390 windshield. The lights are no longer integrated in the rearview mirror legs, but are located right on the mask of the car, of course, the vehicle’s still uses LED technology.

At the rear, KTM has completely replaced the pointed tail of the car with a slimmer and slimmer tail design, small and simple brake lights instead of long LED strips as the current version is available on the market.

Besides upgrading in design, KTM RC 390 2020 also has some new equipment. The first is the modified trellis steel frame grid frame to provide ruggedness and more flexible operation. The single-cylinder 373 cc engine was also modified to meet Euro 5 emissions standards, while maintaining 43 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and 36 Nm of torque at rewinding machine 7,000 rpm.

A notable new equipment on the car is a color TFT screen integrated Bluetooth connectivity inherited from the brother KTM 390 Duke to replace the old analog clock.

TFT color screen on KTM 390 Duke 2019

TFT color screen on KTM 390 Duke 2019

It is expected that the KTM RC 390 2020 will be officially available on the global market next year, shortly after that will be a series of new models of the KTM 490 series equipped with 499 cc twin cylinder engines. New information about these models will be updated by us as soon as possible.



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