New confrontation in Syria: Bombers arrive in Khmeimim

New confrontation in Syria: Bombers arrive in Khmeimim

Russia and the US continue to strengthen their military forces in Syria. Before that, Russia has repeatedly announced its withdrawal from Syria, but because of its new goals, it continues to modernize the Khmeimim air base.

After upgrading the runway, long-range bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons may soon appear at this base.

New start in Syria: May fly bombs to Khmeimim
Russia continues to expand Khmeimim’s air base.

Strategic bombers are deployed at this base to continue the anti-terrorist campaign in Syria and support Russian squadrons in the Mediterranean. They will control not only the sea, but also the territory of North Africa and Southern Europe.

The United States does not have major plans for Syria due to Russia’s presence, but their small ones are likely to become serious problems for Moscow and Damascus.

By creating and modernizing new air bases in the Trans-Euphrates, President Joseph Biden’s US administration intends to continue to support Kurdish armed groups. This could exacerbate the internal political and economic situation in Syria.

Images of American work in the province of Deir ez-Zor, near the Al-Omar oil field, an American military base with a runway about 1,000 meters long, appear. In the near future, the US will also expand its Green Village base.

In addition, images of the runway of another US military base in Ash-Shaddadi in Hasaka province have also appeared. Specifically, in January 2021, the construction of a 1200 m long runway was completed. Thanks to this runway, Ash-Shaddadi has become the largest and most multifunctional US military base in Syria.

Based on the lengths of runways at Green Village and Ash Shaddadi, these bases are mainly used to receive combat helicopters, military transports and tactical attack aircraft, experts say.

The reason Americans do not need to build long and wide runways is due to practical needs. The US in the Eastern Euphrates region does not need large air bases, they just need to handle military missions in this area. They continue to control land more than a quarter of Syria contains nearly 80% of the oil and gas reserves of Syria.

Earlier, Syrian militias and Russian Wagner militants attacked the Konoko gas processing plant, under the control of the SDF forces. However, they were not only attacked by SDF units, but also subjected to air and artillery attacks by the US armed forces.

The US military has launched airstrikes from military bases in Iraq and on the Arabian peninsula. Now, after building military bases in Syria, it becomes even more convenient for the United States to carry out similar attacks.

In parallel with the US administration’s continued stay in Syria and constantly building up forces, Russia continues to consolidate its influence in this area. In the immediate future, the country will consolidate the Khmeimim air base and then strengthen its forces in this area, in order to change the geopolitical cohesion in the Middle East in Russia’s favor.

The Drive analyst Joseph Trevithick said that the Khmeimim air base, located in the Syrian province of Latakia, is an important tool for Moscow’s military intervention in Syria.

Mr. Trevithick also said that, but satellite images from Planet Labs show that the runway at Khmeimim base is growing longer and is about 3200 meters long. According to him, the expansion and restoration of the runway at Khmeimim base could be aimed at securing the landing and takeoff of the trio of Russian Tu-22M3, Tu-95MS and Tu-160 bombers, as well as Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft, similar in design to the Tu-95MS.

Mr. Trevithick stated that Russian bombers equipped with cruise missiles, flying from Khmeimim air base, were capable of endangering enemy targets in Europe from the south and in In the event of a conflict, you can strike against the enemy’s navy. They also provide effective protection against crises and unforeseen situations in the Middle East and North Africa.

What is happening now has to do with the new geopolitical goals of these countries in the Middle East, analysts say. In particular Russia, the arrival of strategic bombers at Khmeimim airbase will create new challenges for NATO on the southern flank, not only in the air but also at sea.

In addition, the Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft deployed at this base would become a serious threat to potential enemy submarines operating in the Mediterranean. These aircraft, together with the Russian naval force, will allow for a good deal of all problems in the Mediterranean region.

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