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New choice when you need to edit PDF online

You need to convert and edit PDF files online, Sejda is the new choice for you that TNS would like to introduce in this article.

Online PDF editing service is very popular because it is convenient to use without having to install software, not to mention free and Vietnamese support. Sejda is one of those that TNS would recommend to readers.

Sejda supports editing online or on the desktop through software. With the online version, the editing tools are organized by specific groups.

– POPULAR: Common editing tools

  • PDF Editor: Add pages, content (images, text, drawings, …) to PDF.
  • Compress: Reduce the size for PDF.
  • Delete Pages: Delete some extra pages.
  • Merge: Join, add pages to PDF.
  • Split: Split, create a new PDF file.
  • Extract Pages: Extract each page or all pages in a PDF document.

– MERGE: Advanced features when linking pages.

  • Alternate & Mix: Merge and merge even and odd PDF pages.
  • Merge: Create a new PDF file made up of images and PDFs.

– SPLIT: Includes advanced tools for page breaks.

  • Extract Pages: Create new PDF documents from the file pages.
  • Split By Pages: Split specific page ranges or extract pages into a separate document.
  • Split By Bookmarks: Extract chapters to separate documents based on bookmarks in the table of contents.
  • Split In Half: Split a scanned copy into two different copies, A3 into two A4 or A4 copies into two A5 copies.
  • Split By Size: Create a smaller PDF size with specific set size.
  • Split By Text: Extract separate documents when specific text changes from page to page.

– EDIT & SIGN: Includes signature editing and adding tools.

  • PDF Editor: Edit PDF.
  • Fill & Sign: Add forms and signatures.

– COMPRESS: Only includes one tool.

  • Compress: Reduce the size of the PDF file.

2020 01 01 14 26 37 600x300 - Sejda: A new choice when you need to edit PDF online

– SECURITY: Includes protective tools.

  • Protect: Protect files with passwords and access rights.
  • Unlock: Remove limits and passwords from PDF files:
  • Watermark: Add watermark or image to PDF document.
  • Flatten: Prevent editing on PDF.

– CONVERT FROM PDF: Create another format file converted from PDF.

  • PDF To Excel: Convert PDF to Excel or CSV.
  • PDF To JPG: Convert PDF to JPG, PNG or TIFF.
  • PDF To Text: Extract text from PDF. Copy all text from the PDF document and extract it into a separate text file.
  • PDF To Word: Convert PDF to Word.

– CONVERT TO PDF: Create PDF from supported formats.

  • JPG To PDF: Convert JPG image to PDF.
  • HTML To PDF: Convert web pages or HTML files to PDF documents.
  • Word To PDF: Create a PDF document from Microsoft Word (* .docx).

– OTHERS: Other editing tools.

  • Bates Numbering: Closes the number of pages with multiple files at once.
  • Crop: Crop margins, resize PDF pages.
  • Delete Pages: Delete pages from PDF documents.
  • Grayscale: Convert PDF text and images into grayscale, export PDF for black and white printing or offset printing.
  • Header & Footer: Set page numbers or text labels for PDF files
  • N-Up: Print multiple pages per sheet.
  • OCR: Extract text in PDF.
  • Organize: Organize PDF pages.
  • Repair: Recover data from corrupted PDF documents.
  • Resize: Change the file size.
  • Rotate: Rotate the PDF page.

You access the homepage, click the editing tool you want to use. You then choose the file to upload in various ways.

  • Drag and Drop.
  • Click Upload PDF file.
  • Select PDF on Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive.
  • Use PDF on the web through the URL.

2020 01 01 14 28 48 600x298 - Sejda: A new choice when you need to edit PDF online

Uploaded PDF files will be deleted after 2 hours and the maximum upload size is 50 MB or 200 pages. When you are finished editing, press Apply Changes > download or save to cloud service. Sejda supports a maximum of free editing tools every hour.

Hùng Anh

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