New car maintenance expert purchased properly

New car maintenance expert purchased properly

New car maintenance is essential to ensure the durability of the vehicle in the future.

Maintenance of new car engines after 3,000km – 5,000km

Different automakers will have different rules about when to maintain a new car engine. However, the first maintenance rate will be between 3,000km and 5,000km, equivalent to 3 – 6 months of vehicle use from the time the car first operates. For the first time car maintenance, the owner should take the car to a repair center instead of servicing it. This is a prerequisite step for the long-term operation of the car, so the owner should not be subjective.

Keep in mind the timestamps for car engine maintenance

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Change oil and oil filter system after 5,000 – 10,000km

Mechanics and automakers often give conflicting opinions about when to change engine oil for cars. Many people believe that car oil should be changed after 20,000km, even 30,000km. However, professional maintenance technicians disagree, especially with newly purchased cars. According to them, the change of car engine oil should be done after the first 5,000km.

Especially, for vehicles operating about 20-30km a day with the condition that the amount of engine oil is continuously heated, this timeline is quite accurate. Conversely, for cars traveling less than 20km a day, the oil should be changed at an earlier time. The reason is that the less the car works, the more oil will be left in, and over time it may become a clump that adversely affects the engine, so it is necessary to change the oil earlier than the cars that operate a lot.

Each type of vehicle is suitable for different types of oil

In a nutshell, for a car using a resin-based lubricant, the car owner should change the oil after 7,000km – 8,000km for a car that moves a lot and change the oil after 4,000km – 5,000km for a car with little movement. In addition to the resin-based lubricants, there are also a variety of synthetic oil-derived oils on the market. For synthetic lubricants, car owners should change oil after 12,000km if the car moves a lot and often. If the car does not move much, the owner needs to change the oil after 9,000km while the car has operated.

Whether it is a newly purchased car or a car that has been used for a long time, a periodic oil change is still essential to ensure its durability. When changing the engine oil, the vehicle owner should carefully ask the car maintenance expert about the type of oil that is suitable for the car they have used so that the oil can bring the best possible effect.

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Change brake fluid after 2 years

The brake system plays a very important role in the safe operation of the car. It is imperative that the vehicle owner check the system periodically to make sure the brake is not worn out. In addition, the replacement of car brake fluid is extremely necessary. For a newly purchased car, the owner only needs to check and replace the brake fluid after 2 years of use. This is a note when car maintenance is quite important.

Check the chassis cover and inside the engine room

Not only periodically checking and maintaining the car, the owner needs to pay attention and pay attention to the engine body and inside the engine room regularly, maybe weekly or even daily. The risk of a hard object falling inside the engine room is very high. This incident can cause damage to the car engine. Therefore, before starting the car, the owner should quickly check the inside of the engine room.

Don’t forget to check the engine room regularly

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Change transmission oil after 50,000km

Transmission oils are characterized by a complex structure and different blending patterns, so many automakers will designate transmission oils for their models. After every 50,000km, the owner should change the transmission oil for a new car. However, it should be noted that change to the right oil for the vehicle that the manufacturer has specified or use a higher quality oil but still suitable for the vehicle.

As can be seen, memorizing and capturing the number of kilometers that the car has moved is essential for owners of new cars. Timely and properly maintenance will help the car operate more efficiently and laterally, while ensuring safety for the journey.

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