New breakthrough of camera technology: Oppo introduces hidden camera under the screen

New breakthrough of camera technology: Oppo introduces hidden camera under the screen

At the MWC Shanghai event (China), Oppo officially introduced breakthrough technology under-screen camera (Under-Screen Camera) and MeshTalk, a proprietary short-range communications technology solution, emphasizing the Its innovations in smartphone design and innovative new information technology solutions.

Smartphone under Oppo's screen.

Camera hidden under the first screen in the world, opens a new breakthrough in smartphone design

Under-screen camera (USC), technology solution that displays Oppo's latest panoramic screen, has a custom camera module, to get more light while utilizing optimal algorithms and AI technology to improve camera performance.

Prototype camera under Oppo's screen.

Also, zoning control is used on the screen to control pixels in the area directly above the camera. Combined with higher transfer rates from panel material, this technology allows enough light to pass through the screen to display content at the same time as camera features including taking photos, unlocking by face and video call.

Hidden bottom camera (USC) with custom camera module.

In terms of hardware, Oppo uses highly customizable transparent material, creating a balance between display and light transmission across the screen. Collaborating with partners in the supply chain, Oppo has customized camera modules with larger apertures, larger sensors and larger pixel sizes to optimize shooting.

Combined with new algorithms, the captured image is more colorful and vivid.

For the software behind the Hidden Camera (USC) technology, Oppo has optimized algorithms suitable for HDR algorithms, haze removal algorithms and white balance algorithms to increase image quality.

Supported by custom brightness and detailing algorithms, the Oppo (USC) screen hidden camera can provide high-quality images while supporting the necessary features such as mode. Smart beauty and photo filters.

With the camera installed inside the screen, smartphones can still take selfie photos with the front camera but still keep the panoramic screen, no defects or "rabbit ears", for the visibility is very eye-catching.

Oppo's MeshTalk: Communication without mobile network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

At Shanghai MWC 2019, Oppo also launched MeshTalk, a new proprietary short-range communications technology solution that enables text, voice messages and calls between Oppo devices within 3 km without network. Mobile, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Oppo's MeshTalk technology also allows multiple devices to set up ad-hoc local networks (Local Area Networks), enabling group chat capabilities and expanding communication range through signal forwarding. MeshTalk supports local area network (LAN) communication anywhere if Oppo devices are within each other's signal range.

MeshTalk technology.

To develop MeshTalk technology, Oppo has customized the information chipset to detect the advantages of decentralization, faster transmission speeds and lower power consumption. MeshTalk is a creative communication solution, bypassing base stations, servers and other devices, empowering users with a higher level of privacy.

Oppo introduces the Reno 5G smartphone, connecting IoT products

In addition to launching its latest two technologies, Oppo also brings MWC Shanghai 2019 Reno 5G smartphones and Smart Home Zone with IoT platform. The Reno 5G smartphone, currently available in a number of overseas markets, is powered by the Snapdragon 855 chipset and X50 5G modem, along with a whole host of new RF, baseband and antenna designs, giving the first 5G network experience. most advanced. Reno 5G can perform large-scale mobile games on the cloud platform via 5G network.

In the IoT Smart Zone, Oppo introduced the IoT open platform, compatible with products on more than 20 categories, including more than 260 SKUs devices from different brands. Oppo will continue to expand IoT services, with more than 10 other types of products to be offered on its open platform in the near future.

Oppo booth at MWC Shanghai 2019.

Oppo said it will continue to invest in 5G, AI, cloud, IoT platform, new forms and materials as well as different fields to bring unprecedented technological innovation to users. all around the world.


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