Netizens revealed that Yi Yan Qianxi was actually a comedy in "Chinese Doctor", and fans were too surprised after hearing this

Netizens revealed that Yi Yan Qianxi was actually a comedy in “Chinese Doctor”, and fans were too surprised after hearing this

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The movie “Chinese Doctor” will be released nationwide on July 9. It has already opened its premiere all over the country. Many netizens have written their opinions on social platforms. Netizens mentioned that Yi Yang Qianxi was in the movie ” “Chinese Doctor” is actually in charge of comedy. Fans are shocked by this identity. This is quite different from the image of Qian Xi in front of the public. Fans are also looking forward to the role of Yi Yan Qian Xi in comedy.

The movie “Chinese Doctor” has been screened in Wuhan, Chongqing, Beijing and other places at present. At the premiere, many leading actors showed up and shared their feelings and behind-the-scenes stories with the audience. .

Yi Yang Qianxi did not participate in the premiere road show of the movie “Chinese Doctor” due to work reasons, but many netizens who have watched the movie “Chinese Doctor” wrote down their impressions on social platforms. It mentioned Qian Xi’s performance in the movie, and netizens’ comments on Qian Xi are surprising!

Netizens mentioned that the movie “Chinese Doctor” is a great movie, which makes people very touched after watching. Yi Yang Qianxi plays a comedy role in the movie this time, and has a good performance in acting.

Many fans said that after seeing netizens describe Qian Xi as being in charge of comedy, they all expressed incredible that Qian Xi was actually in charge of comedy in the movie “Chinese Doctor”. The movie “Chinese Doctor” is a true record of Wuhan’s fight against the epidemic.

This theme is a one-to-one restoration of real events. Qian Xi not only set off the atmosphere in the play, but also became a comedy role. This made the public even more expecting the movie “Chinese Doctor” to be released nationwide. Go to the movie to see Qian Xi’s funny The lovely side.

Many netizens who participated in the premiere have commented on Qian Xi’s acting skills on social platforms. Netizens mentioned that the filming of doctors’ group portraits in the movie was great. Not only did they record the accidental frustration of the proud doctor, but also recorded the internship. The rapid growth of doctors.

Netizens mentioned that the role of Yang Xiaoyang played by Qian Xi is very eye-catching. Qian Xi has many scenes in the play, and most of the scenes are rivals with Yuan Quan and Zhu Yawen. Qian Xi plays Yang Xiaoyang, a fledgling doctor in the play.

Qian Xi’s role in the movie looks very cute and kind. Doctor Yang Xiaoyang also has a role encouraged by his predecessors in the movie. These wonderful performances of Qian Xi in the movie make people look forward to the broadcast of the movie “Chinese Doctor”.

The movie “Chinese Doctor” also released the latest public welfare MV of “Hua Kai Chun Huan”. In the MV, there are many scenes that have not appeared in the movie trailer before. In the MV, you can see Qian Xi wearing blue overalls and eating After the instant noodles, Qian Xi’s face already showed the scar of the mask. This was caused by wearing the mask for too long. From the scar, it can be seen that the doctor is not easy.

In the MV, there was also a scene of Qian Xi wearing a white lab coat and raising her hands to answer questions while watching and discussing with the doctors. Qian Xi’s serious expression and firm eyes can see Qian Xi’s seriousness.

Netizens mentioned that at the premiere of the movie “Chinese Doctor”, the latest official patch trailer of the movie “Changjin Lake” will be played before the premiere. The movie “Changjin Lake” currently does not know the specific release date, looking forward to the movie ” “Changjin Lake” will be released soon.

The role of Wu Wanliyi played by Qian Xi in the movie “Changjin Lake” is completely different from the role of resident doctor Yang Xiaoyang in the movie “Chinese Doctor”.

The movie “Chinese Doctor” will be released nationwide. Looking forward to Qian Xi’s wonderful performance in the film, let’s go to the movie to see how Qian Xi became a comedy!


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