Netizens are more concerned than expected for Facebook's smartwatch

Netizens are more concerned than expected for Facebook’s smartwatch

( Facebook’s smartwatch in addition to the usual features also has two more cameras that support taking pictures and connecting to the network, making users concerned about privacy.

To confront Apple, Facebook is said to be planning to launch the first smartwatch that can cost around $400 that will stand out with up to two cameras.

Facebook’s smartwatch can also be detached from the screen to perform purposes such as taking photos and recording videos. It also has a built-in suite of Facebook and Instagram software for users to share content.

Facebook may be working with a smartwatch maker to develop its own device that will use Google’s WearOS operating system.

In addition, to keep up with rival Apple, Facebook may work with carriers to equip smart watches with network connectivity so that users who don’t need a phone can still get the call feature.

Facebook’s goal is to sell 1 million devices in the first round of sales. However, with Facebook regularly tracking users and recent security incidents, many users are more concerned about privacy with this social network’s wearable devices than excited about its features. it.

Smart watches can collect extremely sensitive data of users such as health, daily activities, even habits. The addition of a camera makes this device even scarier. Many users expressed they are not ready for the use of such a device.


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