Netizen: Singing skills are really strong! Feng Timo sings new songs and relives classics, you must have heard

Netizen: Singing skills are really strong! Feng Timo sings new songs and relives classics, you must have heard

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The main reason why classic songs can become classics is that these songs are not left behind due to the passage of time, and they are often performed repeatedly by young singers, making the classics last forever. However, covering classics is not an easy task. In addition to embodying the unique sense of the times of the song, it also has to keep up with the times and integrate into the present. It will be a big challenge for cover singers. Of course, if you can interpret the classics very well, you will surely be well received by the public. For example, Feng Timo has received high attention recently because of his re-interpretation of one of Wang Jie’s famous songs, “I Really Fall in Love with You”, and netizens have to admire: “Singing is really strong!” Believe it. One of Feng Timo’s recent new songs is also a review of the classic “I Am Really Falling in Love with You”. You must have heard it?

“I can only fall in love with you secretly, I can only look at you secretly, always lacking courage, I can’t tell you that I really fall in love with you.” Back then, Wang Jie sang a sense of story and sadness that was timid and afraid to love with his unique vicissitudes of life, which made everyone in the unrequited love period resonate. However, when Feng Timo re-interpreted with her unique sweet and clear singing, not only did she well retain the affectionate and the beauty of the loved one that Wang Jie wanted to express at the time, but also through re-arranging and adding her own After understanding, this song is no longer in a state of falling in love and not daring to love, but after listening to it, every listener will be inspired and bravely pursue their admirers.

It has to be said that while Feng Timo’s singing is extremely infectious, it can also express her inner hope that the audience can be full of positive and upward positive energy. It’s no wonder that after Feng Timo’s singing voice was known to netizens, she hailed her voice as the “diamond voice”, perhaps because people fell in love with it soon after hearing it. The more you love it, right?

Since being able to successfully step on various big stages and have more opportunities to show his singing ability and voice, Feng Timo has quickly become a new generation of talented singers unanimously recognized by the public. Of course, Feng Timo has never stopped developing music. In the past two months, Feng Timo has released many singles, and each capital has received great attention, dominating the charts on broadcasting platforms such as QQ Music. For example, it is full of campus memories, becoming the most played song “Goodbye, Boy” in the current graduation season, and the ending song “Inscription for You” of the explosive national comic “Yuanlong 2”. Because of the high popularity, they will be released soon after the release. On the Sina Weibo hot search list.

In the current downturn in the mainland music market, Feng Timo can still achieve such impressive results. In addition to her strength and beauty, she also has her love for music and her commitment to the career of singers, which moved the public , Can’t help but like her, right? With Feng Timo still working hard at present, the future is still very promising!


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