Netflix is ​​facing a wave of fierce boycotts when it comes to posting posters and film titles about children!

Netflix is ​​facing a wave of fierce boycotts when it comes to posting posters and film titles about children!

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Netflix is ​​facing a huge wave of boycotts when it launches a poster with the title of the extremely offensive film about children.

Netflix has now apologized for posting objectionable content about children. The poster for Cuties was severely criticized for its inappropriate images. The French film with its original title is Mignonnes, directed by Maïmouna Doucouré.

Poster in France of the film

The film won the World Drama Director Award at Sundance earlier this year and has resonated with critics. However, this movie was also opposed by many people.

I came across the French poster and I feel it is completely different from what Netflix is ​​currently promoting.

A petition was started to “shut down Netflix” for “exploiting our nation’s youth.” Up to this point, the petition has more than 35,000 signatures.

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This backlash became worse and worse when the streaming platform started its ad campaign.

Netflix! What the hell is this?

Cuties focuses on eleven-year-old Amy, who lives with her mother, Mariam and younger brother. She has to wait for her father to rejoin the family from Senegal. Amy was attracted to her neighbor Angelica’s freestyle dance group, a dance group that went against Mariam’s stoic traditions. Amy wanted to be a part of the group and eventually joined them.

Netflix is ​​promoting a movie about an 11-year-old girl taking a twerking class. I think that’s disgusting.

Indignation of netizens with Netflix

Netflix’s poster discussion has caused outrage across social networks. Even worse when the first poster was released. Cuties’ poster features young girls in a variety of poses, including crooked movements. Many Twitter users called this poster “disgusting”, while others said, “Netflix really messed things up” in many different ways.

Netflix has also apologized for this incident, but they still received harsh reactions from viewers. “We are deeply sorry for the inappropriate poster of Mignonnes / Cuties. It’s not okay, nor did the representatives of this French film win an award at Sundance. Currently, we have updated the image and description. ”. How will they handle this case?

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It’s not just the poster, the whole movie is not good at all. Throw it in the trash!

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Changing the description won’t change the content of the movie either. If the description is first, everything has to be burned.

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According to MovieWeb

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