Netflix installed a screen of nearly 15 billion Sony's to make movies - VnReview

Netflix installed a screen of nearly 15 billion Sony’s to make movies – VnReview

Immediately after its debut at CES 2021, Sony’s second-generation microLED display had its first customers.

Why do so many people buy microLED millions of dollars from Sony.

At the CES 2021 consumer electronics show, the Japanese corporation brought a new generation of microLEDs, Crystal LED B and C series. The two new lines of microLED displays are greatly improved, from a simple design that is easier to install and maintain, to the addition of the image-processing chip X1 for Crystal LED. According to the magazine The Hollywood Repoter, Netflix has just completed the installation of such a monitor on the Los Angeles campus.

The world’s largest video streaming service has installed the display in an audio editing room, the quality of which reaches the level of professional studio monitors. In addition to evaluating and editing the sound for film production, the room is also used to show movies for some of Netflix’s industry VIPs.

Netflix’s Sound Editing Office in Los Angeles (photo: Meyer Sound)

This screen has a diagonal of 220 inches, dimensions of 4.86 x 2.74 m, 4K resolution and HDR support. Usually, the cost of installing microLEDs depends on the configuration that the buyer wants each time an order is placed, so the price is not fixed. But according to a representative of Sony Japan, they roughly the cost of a 220 inch 4K CLEDIS system will fall to about 66 million yen, or about 15 billion Vietnamese dong.

Netflix showed off the new system to a number of Hollywood sound experts. Oscar-nominated four-time sound engineer Jon Taylor said, “When the lights turned on, I was shocked to learn that the Sony screen just reproduced the sound from the Meyer Sound speaker system…”. Will Files was involved in the project Stranger Things and The Invisible Man also adds: “… pure, pure sound system paired with breathtaking display quality from the Crystal LED screen”.

The picture and sound quality was said to be “overwhelming” (photo: Meyer Sound)

Theresa Alesso, President of Professional Business at Sony, said: “Based on experience in manufacturing industry-leading reference monitors, Sony provides outstanding contrast and accurate color reproduction. Sony’s Crystal LED displays provide a superb audio-visual experience. . Can assert themselves through the assessment of the creative community and post “.

The Crystal LED display is Sony’s product line aimed at corporate customers. Although it is priced in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, it is still selected by many large companies for its excellent display quality. Some of Sony’s customers include Shiseido cosmetics group, Mitsubishi and Honda car manufacturers, Docomo telecommunications corporation, …

Sony has no intention of bringing microLEDs to the consumer market (photo: Meyer Sound)

Crystal LED is also installed at Sony headquarters and at some locations within the corporation, for example virtual studio at Sony PCL and Sony Innovation Studio of Sony Pictures. When asked by a Japanese reporter about commercial possibilities for consumers, the representative of Sony Japan said that the company currently has no plans for that, although it also hopes it can become a reality in the future.

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