Netflix develops its own set of fonts, saving millions of dollars

Netflix has just developed a new font set, called Netflix Sans, with the intention of replacing the Gotham font they have used so far.

It can be said that Netflix officially has a font of its own just like Apple, Google, Samsung .. did. The new set of fonts developed in a simple, functional and sophisticated way is inspired by this brand’s famous logo – and especially importantly, economical as it can save this company. millions of dollars per year.

One of the project leaders, Noah Natham introduced this project on his personal page. He shared that the new Netflix font set can be good for display, display and functionality. Also, the new font set is really economical.


Nathan shared: “For a global company like Netflix, font licensing can get quite expensive. Developing your own typeface not only created a unique element for the brand in terms of identity (taking Netflix out of Gotham, which is a widely used entertainment font), but also economical. to the company millions of dollars a year when authors began to shift royalties based on exposure across multiple digital advertising channels.

The curve on the lowercase letter “t” has an interesting touch, referring to the famous Netflix logo (which was launched with the introduction of the company in 1997 and revised in 2014), it is is inspired by the CinemaScope logo – an anamorphic lens used in the 50s and 60s to film widescreen. ”

Let’s take a look at the Netflix Sans font set through the following images:

Netflix Sans Thin:


Netflix Sans Light:

Netflix Sans Regular:

Netflix Sans Medium:

Netflix Sans Bold:

Netflix Sans Black:



  • Project: Netflix Sans
  • Design leads: Tanya Kumar, Noah Nathan
  • Product design consultants: Andre by Amaral, David Gallagher
  • Integrated production: Monique Adcock, Tanya Kumar
  • Foundry partner: Dalton Maag

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