Netease wants to use “rounded” jelly beans to circle the entire party mobile game market

Party games have been around for a long time, but they are very niche. In recent years, although there have been boutiques such as “Gang Beasts” (Gang Beasts), they have not been widely spread. Entering 2020, the backlog of social desires brought about by the increase in home time has become a key factor in the exponential increase in the influence of party games, and has also contributed to the emergence of many popular styles.

In August 2020, “Jelly Bean: Ultimate Knockout” turned out, and it quickly topped the Steam best-selling list on the first day of its launch. Over 2 million copies were sold in the first week. Twitch viewers watched for up to 23 million hours, which once caused server damage. paralysis. Two months later, the domestic game “Animal Party” started its second round of testing. With its soft and cute animal image and abstract chaos gameplay, it successfully captured the hearts of many players. The online peak value exceeded 110,000 in the first week. Second to “CS: GO”, “Dota 2”, “Among Us” and “PUBG Mobile”. The “Space version of Werewolf” and “Among Us” have only increased in popularity after the summer of 2020. With an amazing download volume of 264 million times, it won the world’s top mobile game download list in 2020.

The explosion of the above-mentioned products has brought the popularity of party games to multiple platforms such as PCs, mobile phones, and consoles, and has evolved into a global carnival.

However, as far as the current situation is concerned, party games have not become the targets of major manufacturers’ bets like the previous ones in the game market such as “chicken eating” and “auto chess”. The second half of 2020 is the most enthusiastic time for this category, but domestic manufacturers are extremely calm. Perhaps the pursuit of the wind has caused a certain “shadow” before, and everyone is looking forward to the big manufacturers’ moves.

On February 6, 2021, NetEase finally set foot in this “mysterious field” that has always been ignored by people, and announced that its party mobile game “Danzi Party” has officially opened a 15-day deletion test, which will improve its own understanding of party games. Know the whole story.

Gameplay design is more compatible and included

Nowadays party games have two mainstream gameplays. One is to achieve the goal of “survival”; the other is to aim at a single goal, “racing”. Both gameplays are based on group competitions. Players will be Compete with many people with the same abilities and become the ultimate winner in achieving your goals.

For example, “Animal Party” and “Among Us” are more inclined to “survival”, “Animal Party” uses abstract chaos to become the winner, and “Among Us” is a “killing game” to decide the winner.

Left is “Animal Party”, right is “Among Us”

Aiming at a single target point “racing” is more to set up a level full of obstacles in which players need to break through numerous obstacles to the end. The difference between the two is that the former emphasizes fighting with others, while the latter is to overcome difficulties.

The design concept of “Egg Boy Party” and “Jelly Bean: Ultimate Knockout” is the same, choosing both gameplay methods, but the difference is that “Egg Boy Party” did not choose to weaken the proportion of fighting with people, so it is more obvious Be comprehensive.

There are 21 levels in “Egg Boy Party”. In each round, 30 people compete on the same stage. Players will be randomly selected to several levels each time. In each level, some players will be eliminated until the final winner is determined.

In terms of levels, the racing levels in the game include “roller maneuvers”, “flip crisis”, “downhill please note”, etc. These levels are presented in a linear manner. Players need to reach the farthest end at the starting point. Encountered many obstacles. For example, in “Drum Swirling”, players need to drill through many rotating fans, “Flip Crisis” is to go to the end in the constantly flipped ground, and “Please pay attention to the downhill” is while rushing downward. Avoid the walls and gully. This type of gameplay is essentially the same, but the obstacles are different.

For survival levels, “Egg Boy Party” is designed more brilliantly. For example, “Billiard Pioneer”, the players have to divide into two teams and hit the ball into the opponent’s goal; “Crazy Parts” means that all players need to squeeze others off the platform and use props to assist in achieving their goals; “Graffiti Battle” That is, all players run with their own colors, so that the places they run are dyed, and the player with the most colors wins.

The reason I said earlier that “Egg Boy Party” did not choose to weaken the proportion of fighting with people, mainly because the design of props was added to the game. The game has 8 items such as gigantic, retrospective, cloud bomb, bomb, etc., covering four functions of defense, evasion, attack, and control, which can raise the battle between players to a new level.

Regarding the operation of the game, the design of “Egg Boy Party” combined with the round character design has specially added “scrolling”. During the process of “scrolling”, the player’s speed will increase, and the jump will be higher. It will bounce when it hits an obstacle when it hits and flies. It can be described as a fast-paced design that fits the mobile game.

Chaotic rhythms and collisions can be said to be the core fun of party games, but there is a slightly weaker point in party mobile games than other platforms, that is, viewing angle adjustment.

Frequent viewing angle adjustments are a problem that third-person perspective party mobile games will encounter. In the early years, stickman-type brawl games were based on horizontal action, while games such as “Animal Party” were based on the perspective of God to observe the battle. Because of this type of viewing angle is pulled high, no adjustment is required, players only need to focus on their own operations.

However, games with rear-mounted third-person perspectives like “Egg Boy Party” require frequent adjustments to the angle of view, and party games require frequent operations by the player, which can easily cause confusion. In fact, a single-direction racing game is more suitable for party mobile games. Players tend to face the front during the game. The probability of adjusting to the left, right, and rear will be very small, which weakens the proportion of viewing angle adjustment to a certain extent. However, judging from the feedback from current players, “Egg Boy Party” has not received much criticism regarding the adjustment of the perspective.

Strength is the prerequisite for a firm foothold

The arrival of the party game outlet is easily reminiscent of the “Chicken Eating War” at the end of 2017. At that time, “Law of the Jungle”, “King of the Battlefield”, “Exiled Game” and other products sprung up like mushrooms, but in order to get the upper hand, they shortened the development time very short, and at the same time, due to the research and development strength, their quality Because of the players’ unanimous negative reviews, in the end, they can only awkwardly rub the heat.

Today, the chicken-eating game market has become the world of leading manufacturers. Except for the “Peace Elite” that holds the “PUBG Mobile IP” plus Tencent, it is NetEase that holds the first batch of high-quality chicken-eating game “Wild Action”. And compared to Tencent, NetEase is absolutely “made from scratch”. It is precisely because of its outstanding R&D strength and consistent high efficiency that NetEase has the upper hand when it comes to eating chicken.

After the party game came, many developers did have the idea to get involved. There were also many popular mobile games on the App Store, but after a mess, the market finally returned to silence. Only the mobile game “Jelly Bean Man” represented by Station B still relies on IP to maintain a high degree of discussion before the product is launched. In addition, it is a product that wins by quality such as “Egg Boy Party”. From this, it is not difficult to find that even in the “lightweight” category such as party games, the final product must be backed by powerful and highly efficient manufacturers.

In addition, the many designs of “Egg Boy Party” can also make people clearly feel its ambition.

The picture of “Dan Boy Party” is very in line with the public’s aesthetics. The character design is mainly round and cute. Players can also customize their expressions and initial costumes. The colors in the game are based on bright and bright colors, with a certain degree of softening to ensure that players have a comfortable look and feel. In terms of fashion, the game can not only change the dress, but also change the round ball into other cats and dogs and other forms. In addition, the game also uses the blind box mechanism instead of the card drawing mechanism, the purpose is to get as close as possible to the preferences of young people.

Young people can come whatever they like

Party games are very similar to ultra-casual games, and that is the disadvantage of content production. A single play of a party game is too light. If the map and scenes are not iterated frequently, it is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue. To this end, “Dan Boy Party” added a map editor “Dan Boy Workshop” to the game to release the creative enthusiasm of players, and adopt more high-quality ideas to enhance the depth of gameplay.

Written at the end:

From the performance of several products in the second half of 2020, it can also be seen that party games are not restricted by cultural factors and are strongly bound to social interaction, so their global value is very strong. This also means that this category will also achieve a dual-track parallel path between domestic and overseas markets like the chicken-eating category, and provide huge wealth for survivors in the chaos. Now, NetEase has taken the lead in making moves, and it may not take long for more movers to appear.

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