Neoverse Trinity Edition test – the good surprise of the cards

It is no longer a novelty for many people, as we get older and as the years go by, we realize the imperfect nature of the human being. If we all have examples to give to justify it, even the youngest readers who will arrive on this page, the one that comes to mind directly in the context of the criticism of a game, it is that of the biases of judgment.

But if, you know, this is what forces us to think that 2020 is the most rotten year of all time, that an ugly guy is inherently bad and therefore, that a game that is all about plastic of her heroines has nothing better to offer … And yet, this is how it happens Neoverse Trinity Edition.

And hard to deny, the trailers of this title do not sell much, a few fights, a few crude zooms on the buttocks of its protagonists, we can not say that its communication is concrete … A very sad observation that does not really pay tribute to this Rogue-lite crossed card game, a title which, in our opinion, has the cards in hand to slip a cold sweat to the champion of these genres: Slay the Spire.

(Test de Neoverse Trinity Edition sur Switch made from code provided by the publisher)

Playing cards on the table

As announced in the introduction, Neoverse Trinity Edition is a Rogue-lite card game and, as is apparently customary with this kind of game, it starts off with a certain brutality. After a summary welcome screen which presents us his diegesis in two, three words (end of humanity, ruined world and all the other clichés of the genre) then having presented us the three heroines by means of a short video , you are immersed directly in the first fight (two or three presses of the button “A” near). Explinations ? Who needs that in 2021, you wonder?

So, it’s not a surprise for anyone who has played Slay the Spire (for lack of another comparison in memory), but the game leaves you as you leave a dog on the side of the highway in summer: without a landmark. If we make you understand through a few small texts that you must select your cards to maximize your attack and your defense according to the circumstances, even while claiming that many apps are taking us a little too much today. main, we wouldn’t have been against a little tutorial. Naturally, your first run should end pretty quickly with a bitter taste in the mouth.

That said, it would be unfortunate to leave the game so quickly, especially since this attempt should have started to reveal some of its secrets. By ending the fights and gradually accumulating the gains, the game reveals to us the tricks and possibilities of its gameplay as well as the various challenges, a richness unsuspected at first glance and which is multiplied quickly as we unlock the other characters (for the first part, you only have access to one character).

A master hand!

Once your game mode is selected, you will have to face fifteen to twenty enemies in a row with a boss every five encounters. At each level, you have three options to choose from, allowing you to choose between simple or more complex missions, each accompanied by a bundle whose quality depends on the selected difficulty level. These missions, once completed, will bring you other significant bonuses such as healing, additional cards, consumables and money, in short, enough to give your character better chances of survival.

Speaking of characters, all three feature three different games, each representing the talents of an RPG archetype (Naya is the thief / assassin, Claire is paladin / dark knight, and Helena is summoner / mage). If the decks are very poor at the start of the game, as more cards join your game, your possibilities increase and allow you new strategic approaches.

Naturally, as with any card game, decks fall into five categories of cards sorted by suit, one for attack, defense, snapshot, and constants. The fifth category concerns the hindrances which are generally generated by your enemies. Finally, each of these cards has a price to pay in mana so it’s up to you to take all the parameters into account before adding a card to your game.

Once the basic mechanics have been understood and after understanding that you can adapt to your opponents since their next actions are constantly displayed on the screen (also allowing the clever addition of a parry and attack system which consists of to gauge attack and defense to the point for bonuses), you have to realize the obvious: Neoverse Trinity Edition is extremely addicting.

The gameplay loop is extremely satisfying and we take a real pleasure in chaining the confrontations and the games one after the other, especially since, even by selecting the same character several times, between the variety of enemies and the randomness of cards and rewards, each part seems fresh. Really nice !

The Royal Flush has a menu close to…

Okay, we’re going to attack the points that hurt. No matter how much we say we generally find gameplay to be the crux of any game, let’s face it here, the lack of story isn’t the only point to focus on. Neoverse Trinity Edition is difficult in the long run. If we note the existence of the “hunter” and “transcended universe” modes which offer variations of the main mode (in particular by the introduction of handicaps), in the end, these modes do little more than unlock touting costumes …

Disappointing to use the same gameplay, the same monsters (despite the variety), the same backgrounds and the same music for stakes limited to once, the time to unlock these outfits …

We could also add that in 2020/2021 we did not expect such poor graphics. If the artistic direction is not already well researched, the graphics at best “utility” of the software bring the game closer to the PS3 / Xbox 360 era than to the transition to the new-gen

It’s not ugly, eh, but HD (or even 4K) fans and tech enthusiasts will cringe at certain models and they won’t stop crying when they notice that the colors are drooling and the textures puke in the few cutscenes the game has to offer …

We will console ourselves by noting that for a game at 20 euros, not only does it have a fairly exciting gameplay loop, but it offers a little challenge, a fairly complete card game with rather charismatic characters (despite the absence total introduction), and that the game is entirely in French. We would have appreciated being able to play it in tactile mode in nomadic mode (because yes, the console lends itself to it a little anyway), but we digress.

We expected a game that was easy to demolish, an empty loop that would be based on a Beaufasse aesthetic like “Japanese fan-service”, it is not. Neoverse Trinity Edition is a nice surprise. If we can always complain about the lack of story mode, these many graphic bugs, the heaviness of the UI and its obsolescence in aesthetic terms, players who know how to hang on to the violence of its mechanics will find a complete and complex title, generous in challenges as much as in rewards.

However, it’s still a shame that with such a satisfying gameplay loop, the game did not take care to contextualize any form of progress with a scenario and stakes or even a glossary to fill in to display the different enemies faced and defeated or the cards one day had in hand … Neoverse Trinity Edition is a good game which, with a little more effort, could have been very good.


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