Neglect A lady dies in the emergency room with indifference

Neglect A lady dies in the emergency room with indifference

Two sisters are suing Saint-Eustache hospital for more than $ 760,000 after their mother died while waiting for more than five hours in the emergency without being taken care of.

“I find it quite disgusting that she died all alone in a corner, in a little hospital gown.” She died without us. That’s what hurts me the most in this, ”rages Josée Antonacci, tears in her eyes, thinking about her mother, Claudette Goyer.

The 71-year-old woman died on October 31, 2019, in the waiting room of the North Shore establishment.

The night before, in the evening, the septuagenarian had gone to Saint-Eustache hospital with another of her daughters to undergo a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination, but she was in so much pain that the procedure failed. could not be completed.

Technologists recommended that they go to the emergency room so that Goyer be examined and told them that they [les employés] would be notified of his imminent arrival. This is where a series of “gross negligence” will occur, we can read in the lawsuit.

“Take a number”

Once in the emergency room, around 9:30 p.m., M’s daughterme Goyer tells someone at the front desk that they are coming from the MRI, but doesn’t have time to say more.

“Take a number, go sit down and wait for someone to call you at the pre-triage in a few minutes,” a receptionist would have told them.

They did. After 30 minutes, M’s daughterme Goyer asked what it was and was told to wait.

The eldest then told her daughter that she could go home, which she did.

For nebulous reasons, the patient never went to triage and no one would have come to see her, for several hours, despite being in a hospital gown and having a catheter in her arm.

At around 3 a.m., a user noticed that the woman had not moved for a while and warned an employee.

But it was too late, Mme Goyer had succumbed to pulmonary emphysema and drug poisoning, according to the coroner’s report.

“We wonder how long it would have taken before they found my mother if this gentleman hadn’t warned them?” How far could it have gone? Asks Josée Antonacci.

No answer

She and her sister Chantal therefore brought a lawsuit against the Saint-Eustache hospital, for an amount of $ 764,500, for all the damages suffered.

They tried to get answers from the establishment, but without success, while the hospital would have “refused any collaboration”, without ever apologizing.

“We do this so that it does not happen to other families, so that there is justice for our mother. […] It was his birthday a week later, we thought we were celebrating it, not having to bury it, ”laments Antonacci.

With Diane Meilleur

The Laurentian Integrated Health and Social Services Center indicated that it could not comment since the situation “is currently the subject of legal proceedings”, saying it is “saddened by the grief experienced by the family”.

Extracts from the pursuit

“It is undoubtedly gross negligence, serious breaches and serious faults which led to the death of Claudette Goyer ”

“About 5:30 a.m. after the arrival of Goyer in the emergency room, a user in the waiting room, who seems to be the first to have cared about her after all these hours, reportedly informed a hospital employee that a woman in a wheelchair was ‘hadn’t moved for a very long time’

“Had it not been for all these unacceptable failures […] Mme Goyer could have received in good time the care appropriate to his condition and his death would have been avoided without any possible doubt ”

“Nothing in the known medical history of Goyer also does not explain such a sudden death, if not the fact of having been an elderly patient, vulnerable and suffering who was abandoned to her fate for several hours in a waiting room. […] until it’s too late. “


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