Negative calories: truth or lie

Negative calories: truth or lie

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Some diets promise to introduce in the diet negative calorie foods. Understand in this tip what it means and know if they exist or not.

  • Myth of negative calories

  • Zero Calorie Foods

  • List of negative calorie foods

  • Negative calorie diet

Myth of negative calories

Foods with negative calories do not exist since all foods provide calories to the body. However, it is possible to talk about foods with very low calorie content, with little fat and highly satiating. This type of food provides a minimum amount of calories to the body and its inclusion in a diet can help with weight loss.

Zero Calorie Foods

What we mean when we talk about negative calorie foods is that there are products with so few calories that their consumption promotes a very low increment of calories to the body, also because the body is not able to absorb all the calories present in food. So it is possible to say that there are some foods that have (almost) zero calories.

List of negative calorie foods

Low calorie foods include vegetables in general, mainly beets (43 calories), broccoli (34 kcal), spinach (26 kcal), endive (20 kcal), lettuce (13 kcal), celery (17 kcal), cauliflower (27 kcal), peas (20 kcal) ) and asparagus (17 kcal). Besides that, some fruits they are also low in calories, such as pineapple (50 kcal), apple (59 kcal), melon (36 kcal) and watermelon (31 kcal).

Negative calorie diet

No healthy diet can rely only on low-calorie foods. They are essential for the functioning of our body and to give us energy during the day. In fact, a diet should include low-calorie vegetables and fruits and combine them with more caloric foods consumed in moderation and, mainly, physical exercise. Weight loss is much more due to the greater burning of calories with physical activity than with the also important caloric restriction.

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