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Need to buy thin and light laptops for office use, which one?

This synthesizer is for those who are looking for sexy thin and light laptops to meet everyday office tasks, such as documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides, web, movies, light entertainment … Note that usually these thin and beautiful machines are not cheap, but any of them Please continue reading.

Dell XPS 13 2019

Dell XPS is a thin and light sexy computer, it weighs only 1.21kg, 11.6mm thick but still looks cool. The thin screen border is always one of the highlights of the XPS series. This year the XPS line also adjusted the webcam back to the edge position on the screen, no longer located on the bottom edge to look weird. XPS 13 has a white version that looks luxurious, suitable for both men and women to use. The configuration of the XPS 13 is very diverse, with enough words, both medium to very strong, your pocket money : D

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Asus ZenBook S

This Asus laptop has a weight of only 1kg and a thin 12.9mm, easy to carry around, with a very slim and beautiful design. If you notice, this S line when you open the screen will bring up the keyboard to create a slope, which will help you type the keyboard more comfortably and increase the accuracy. Core i7 CPU configuration, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD or 512GB ensure you can do almost anything with the office.

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HP Specter x360

Specter is a very special HP series with a design that is often innovated by the company, experimenting with strange technologies. The Specter x360 13 has been upgraded since last year with a completely new, more polite and sophisticated look. The machine keeps the weight from 1.31 kg, very light for an all-aluminum machine. The machine has a sturdy viewing angle, with its own features that are not mixed with any other laptop on the market.

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LG Gram 2019

LG Gram is a series of laptops dedicated to light purposes, so you understand why it reached this list, right? The device weighs only 950g but still has a long battery (up to 21 hours), a slim design, a thin screen and a well-configurable configuration for office users with 8th generation Core CPU, 8GB / 16GB RAM, SSD …

In addition to version 14 ", LG Gram also has a 17" version, the weight is only 1.35kg, lighter than other 17 "laptops on the market while giving you a wider working space. significant.

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This thin and light MacBook Air weighs 1.2kg, 15.6mm thick, and the beveled design is typical of the Air series, monolithic aluminum shell with an extra configuration running what you do every day. It also has a built-in fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone more easily than having to enter a password. The MacBook Air's battery life can reach 12 hours, and I think buying the 2018 MacBook Air will be more powerful, more economical than the 12-inch MacBook I mentioned below.

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Apple MacBook 12 inch

The 12-inch MacBook weighs just 920g, the thickest is only 13.1cm, the screen is a bit small at 12 "but still works fine if you don't need to open too many windows at once. MacBook 12 inch also has a long battery life of 12 hours, a thin and light elegant design, excellent finishing quality, the MacBook 12 "runs macOS by default but if you want, you can still install Windows to run, but at that time battery will not be as long as when used with macOS.

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