Need for Speed ​​reveals the first images in the new trailer

Need for Speed ​​reveals the first images in the new trailer enchanting - Photo 1.

Is a racing game developed by Ghost Games and published by EA. It can be said that this game has become a monument of the racing genre. And now it's time for NFS Heat to come back and create a new wave for fans of this genre.

The video is only longer than a minute, but that is enough to interest the gaming community. Looking through it, you can see everything is extremely sleek and smooth with the bloody racing screen.

Need for Speed: Heat is the sequel to the hit racing game released by Electronic Arts. The game revolves around street races illegally along with the tasks to overcome while being chased by the police. Need for Speed ​​launched its first version in 1994.

The context of the game will be located in Palm City, this place is not only a paradise but also an extremely vibrant city, the scene is very beautiful. Quests will revolve around this city, and there are many unique areas on this beautiful city awaiting your discovery.

At sunrise, Palm City organizes races and finals with teams from other regions. The journey will focus and stretch around Palm city. The racetrack is designed to adapt to the bends and the fierce speed competition.

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