Nearly a hundred Americans risk getting Covid-19 from a barber
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Nearly a hundred Americans risk getting Covid-19 from a barber

NBC said a barber who was positive for Covid-19 in Springfield, Missouri, USA exposed the virus to 91 people for eight consecutive days.

Springfield Department of County Health director Greene Clay Goddard said that the number of people at risk of Covid-19 exposure included 84 clients at the Great Clips barbershop and seven employees working there.

However, Goddard did not disclose the current health status of the infected barber, according to NBC.

Although no Sars-CoV-2 positive case involving the barber has been confirmed, Goddard said Greene County is still facing “a lot of cases”.

The place where Covid-19 infected barber works. Photo: Google

All people who have recently had a hair cut at the salon will be offered a test.

“The good news is that clients and hair stylists wear masks when they are in contact. “If there are many similar cases, then the ability to treat patients of the Springfield city health system will rapidly decline,” Goddard said May 22.

According to NBC, the infected hair stylist was thought to be positive for the Sars-CoV-2 virus when traveling to another Missouri state.

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