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Nearly 200,000 people demanded the destruction of Area 51 to search for aliens

The "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" – an event with such a name is expected to take place on September 20, and as planned, participants will enter the Zone. Area 51 to hunt aliens.

By this time, the event had nearly 200,000 people registered to participate.

Of course, this may be just a joke of someone thinking up in his spare time and then suddenly responding, but it once again raises our curiosity about the so-called Area 51 – one. The secret military base is located in the desert, 129 kilometers northwest of Las Vegas, best protected by barriers, radar and of course heavy weapons.

After 60 years of operation, so far, the purpose for the birth of this base is still mysterious and it is also because of this ambiguity, many theories of forming and studying aliens are a among them.

In 2013, the CIA passed a document that said Area 51 was used as a base for the U-2 spy plan. Earlier, during World War II, Region 51 was a ammunition for the US Air Force and it also had an old runway for aircraft to take off and land.


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