Near Tet, not to the maintenance class, which parts should be checked first

Tet is less than 1 month, the time when people rush to maintain cars to travel spring. But for vehicles with quite a long maintenance period, what should be done.

Giap Tet, maintenance and maintenance services are always fully scheduled because of the new year-end mentality to celebrate Tet. But it is not a common motip. Because there are vehicles that have been maintained for 1-2 months or just finished 1-2,000km or 3,000km, it is different, in the middle of the cycle, you should still check some of the following items that can be made at home. , save time while going out while saving costs.

Braking system

Although it has been maintained, but to be careful, you should review, because this is the mechanical part of the last side, there are connecting pipes that are easy to be affected by unexpected factors such as mouse bites, or sudden loosening. . It is also one of the most important basic safety systems in the car.

Although the structure is simple, the maintenance is usually not easy, but with a little glass sleeve, it is possible to observe the thickened brake pads surface or the most basic, you can buy bottles of cleaning solution. Dedicated direct spray for simple cleaning. Although not completely cleaned, under pressure combined with chemicals is enough to remove dirt such as mud, sand to ensure braking performance of the vehicle.

Signs that there is a problem with the brake

For an amateur, or without tools, it is difficult to determine what the brake is, but with common causes will be abnormal signs such as:

  • Feeling loose brake pedal, not sure, pedaling most of the journey to feel “eating” definitely wear brake pads or brake fluid loss.
  • The brake pedal feels normal, but the body or handlebar vibrates slightly, meaning that the surface of the brake disc has problems or has worn to the limit that needs replacing. If there is a problem with the disc brake surface, you should smooth the disc surface and replace the brake pads to ensure uniformity.
  • The braking feeling is good, the steering wheel, the body of the car does not have any phenomenon, but when the pedal is pressed hard, there is a screeching noise, the brake pads are worn out, and must be replaced immediately.


If the brake pads need to be replaced if you have experience and tools, you can replace them at home to save costs and travel, but it will take a lot of time because of limited labor. specialized tools. But priority is still given to service stations, as many other symptoms can be detected by highly trained technicians.

In case everything is okay, the brake pads are more than half the thickness but want to feel like the original brake, you can smooth the brake disc combined with replacing the brake pads to help the brakes more firmly. In addition, there are many different types of brake pads on the market with very diverse prices, but it is best to go to the company to ensure the quality of the brakes or use from the 3rd brand imported by garages, reputable merchants. credit, don’t be cheap.

Brake fluid, durable but do not ignore

Even if your car reaches 100,000km, the brake fluid is still good, but it’s best to replace it to preserve performance. With service vehicles, running technology, it is necessary to observe the oil quantity and color of the tank.


If there is a shortage of brake fluid, you need to add the correct type, but often the loss you need to check again to see if there are any abnormal problems leading to the above problem, usually the roads have been leaked. And the brake fluid turned dull, dark, indicating that it was time to replace it.

In addition, each wheel can be removed to observe the brake disc showing signs of instability such as uneven scratches, depth, debris, ready to be cleaned with a dedicated spray bottle. Not washing with soap or gasoline can damage the rubber seals. Removing the test wheel can further check if the dampers are leaking or torn rubber,….

Types of air filters, additional accessories

In addition, you can check more air filter, cold filter, dust spray cleaning for a new feeling, better in wind, cleaner filter. If you like you can add some additives to the engine oil, or with gasoline to improve the part, of course not much will feel the main.


Of course, how standard is the full maintenance of the car, or how good is the use of the goods, consciousness, driving experience still accounts for the highest safety factor, because 1 second of negligence can still lead to unfortunate incidents. .


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