Navalny’s daughter was invited to Europe to receive the award on behalf of her father

Daria Navalny, the daughter of opposition activist Alexei Navalny, was recently invited to the Geneva Summit on Democracy and Human Rights to accept the Courage Award on her father’s behalf.

Navalny's daughter was chosen to be a beauty queen instead of her father
20-year-old girl Daria Navalny received the Courage award on behalf of her father.

It is known that the organizers have invited student Daria Navalny to participate in the event and all costs will be covered by the organizers.

On behalf of his father who received the Courage Award at the Geneva Summit on Human Rights and Democracy, Daria Navalny said: “It is a pleasure for me to give this speech, but in reality I am very sad. Because today my father should receive this award he has dedicated his life to fighting corruption and defending human rights and freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of political speech, the right to protest and participate in everyone’s vote.”

Daria Navalny devoted most of the speech to Mr. Navalny: “In his letter he asked me to dedicate this award to every political prisoner in Russia and Belarus because most of them are in the country. in much worse circumstances than him because they are not well known or famous. But they should know that they are not alone or forgotten.”

Talking about her father being poisoned by a nerve agent, Daria said: “I found out my father was poisoned when I checked my phone. As always. Lots of announcements on Twitter. My mind then turned to panic like when I was 10 and my brother was 3, when our house was searched for the first time by the police. I remember feeling scared, confused and worried. extremely quiet.”

“When I visited my father after the poisoning, I left my worries at the door and stood beside him,” Daria said at the conference.

“He asked me a thousand questions about my life and always asked me to stay a little longer. That’s why I want to say thank you not only to all the political prisoners and the political prisoners. activists, but also with their families and friends, because your support is really important,” said Navalny’s daughter.

In conclusion, Daria Navalny declared and received a standing ovation: “We must remember who is fighting for our freedom and we must support them and their families and I would like to reiterate the my father’s words here: Russia deserves to be free and happy and it will be.”

Navalny's daughter was chosen to be a beauty queen instead of her father
Daria Navalny at an event with her father.

Russian blogger and writer Ilias Mercury is convinced that Alexei Navalny’s daughter Daria Navalny’s speech at the Geneva Summit on democracy and human rights will be “nonsense”.

About this information, blogger Mercury in Russia said that, “for the girl herself, a trip to a European country can be very interesting, especially since all her expenses will be paid from her pocket. other people”.

“She (Daria Navalny) will see new cities, new acquaintances will appear. At the very least, Daria Navalny will go with other people’s funds. By the way, the question is: Who will pay for it? for this visit?” – Russia’s Federal News Agency (FAN) quoted blogger Mercury.

According to blogger Mercury, Daria Navalny’s speech will be designed to manipulate the views of the Western community.

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