Navalny case: President Putin helps the US-West 'pray for a wish'

Navalny case: President Putin helps the US-West ‘pray for a wish’

The Joe Biden administration decided to make a big deal of Navalny

On January 26, the new US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin had their first phone call as counterparts, discussing bilateral and international issues, CNN news reports.

According to the White House press release, one of the issues Biden raised during the phone call – which was seen as shaping head-to-head relations rather than US-Russia dialogue – was Russia’s political arrest. Opposition Alexei Navalny.

This shows that the US administration of the 58th term is still determined to make the Navalny big deal and it heralds the turbulent relationship between Washington and Moscow.

As a reminder, on January 17, Alexei Navalny was arrested, not long after the plane carrying him from Germany landed at Sheremetyevo International Airport in the capital. Moscow.

Vu Navalny: Putin's General Manager helps My-phuong Tay to 'feel better'
If Navalny case, Biden is still in Putin’s position

The opposition politician then appealed to supporters to take to the streets to protest. Mr. Navalny accused Russian security agents of using the nerve agent to attempt to poison him in August 2020.

On January 23, Moscow officials said about 4,000 people took part in a protest at Pushkin Square in the heart of Moscow to protest the arrest of Mr. Navalny.

In addition, according to OVD-Info, in the city of St Petersburg and 70 other towns and cities of Russia, there were also demonstrations against Alexei Navalny’s arrest, despite the cold weather.

According to news agency TASS, the protest on Pushkin Square has not been authorized. But the violent protesters even attacked the police, throwing bottles, ice flakes, firecrackers and torches at security forces.

The Moscow Public Supervision Commission confirmed that about 600 protesters were arrested, among them Yulia Navalnaya, wife of opposition politician Alexei Navalny. In the city of St Petersburg, 162 people were also arrested.

In a post on social media, Ms. Yulia announced her arrest by posting a photo inside the police car. However, Ms. Yulia was later released from prison along with many others.

In response to Alexei Navalny’s arrest, the US and many Western countries criticized the Russian government. While in office, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared: “The US strongly condemns Russia’s arrest of Mr. Navalny”, according to AFP.

Even so, the public was still very surprised when the Navalny case was among the issues raised in the first phone call between President Biden and President Putin, because it was meant to shape US relations. -Nga under the Biden “dynasty”.

Putin helps the US and the West ‘wish for a wish’

Analysts said that the new President Biden raised Navalny in the first phone call with President Putin is not good, if not forced to do so, even though it is beneficial to Putin’s move. .

It can be said that the US and the West mistakenly calculated the “humanitarian political” move when sending Alexei Navalny abroad for medical treatment, in order to dig the grave for Navalny’s “political corpse”, to bury it or not. It’s not done digging up.

Vu Navalny: Putin's General Manager helps My-phuong Tay to 'feel better'
Alexei Navalny and his wife at customs inspection at Sheremetyevo International Airport, before being arrested

Because, when poisoning, Navalny is a prisoner in Russia, but a common prisoner in a criminal case, not a political prison. The fact that Navalny can go abroad for medical treatment according to the wishes of the family is thanks to the intervention of President Putin.

This is extremely important and sensitive, but Washington and its allies did not pay attention and fell into the trap of Moscow. Because a prisoner is allowed to go abroad for medical treatment, they will still be a prisoner and when they recover, they have to return home under a court order.

So, as soon as he regained consciousness and spoke, even though he was still outside the Russian border, Alexei Navalny made a speech to swing the screw to polish the name and show the position of “anti-Putin hero”.

Apparently, Navalny put herself in the loop because she was unable to be in Russia on time at the request of the country’s prosecutors. Therefore, it is obvious that inmate Navalny was arrested on return.

As for the US-West, it is known that Navalny is only a “political corpse”, but because of regret of a little use value, he took the risk, when accusing the Kremlin of being behind the Navalny case of being poisoned, though lack of evidence.

It was the determination of Washington and its allies to make the big deal that had motivated Alexei Navalny to fight against the Russian state government more strongly and be ready to violate Russian law.

When Russia captured Navalny, Navalny “revived the political corpse” and brought Navalny from darkness to light. This forced the US-West to begin a relay cruise for Navalny.

Thus, it is Russia that has bankrupted the US-Western intentions surrounding Navalny’s political corpse, adversely affecting Washington’s plans with Russia.

In no way, Washington and its allies have again played the guise of politicizing the crime, seeking to bring the criminal Navalny into politics according to the US-Western scenario.

Vu Navalny: Putin's General Manager helps My-phuong Tay to 'feel better'
To America-West, Navalny is just a cheerleader

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when the President of the United States raised the Navalny case during the first conversation with President Putin. Only Navalny can hardly become the main pawn in the American-Western political chess board in Russia.

Because with the new Constitution, the Putin administration has permanently prevented political offenders, and for the US-West, after Kosovo’s President Thaci was indicted, the politicization was also failed.

Apparently, President Putin helped the US and the West “pray for a wish”, when helping Navalny to go abroad for medical treatment, then reviving Navalny “political corpse”, forcing Washington and its allies to continuing to energize “resurrection of political corpses”, even though it is known that it is “harmless good”.

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